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Interview with Emily Von Euw - Author & Blogger at This Rawsome Vegan Life


RFR.com: Your recipes are truly some of the best to be found on the internet. How did you learn to create such amazing food? Did you attend a culinary school or has it been completely self taught?

Emily: Thank you! I’m all self-taught. I prefer learning how to do things my own way and that is how it’s always been with me. I am a perfectionist and like to be in control (sooo Virgo). A few of my favourite hobbies – writing, photography and healthy eating – come together on my blog and since I enjoy having these activities in my life anyway, I think they naturally complement each other.

RFR.com: On a similar note - you have mad photography skillz! Do you have any official training or was it all self learned and trial and error? And while on the topic of photos- what type of camera do you use in order to capture your creations in such an incredible way?

Emily: Nope! Also self-taught. I used to love to shoot landscape and abstract photography but obviously now my niche is food and that is all I have time for at the moment. It was a lot of learning through experience and yes – trial and error. If you look at some of my earliest posts, my photos are cringe-worthy. I have a Canon 50D with the 50/1.8 lens and thoroughly love it. Before that I had the Canon T2i with the standard lens and it worked great too, but it’s just not on the same level as my current one. I use all natural lighting and simple set ups with plain black or white backgrounds; I like the food to be the focus.

RFR.com: Nothing is more inspiring than seeing young people taking care oftheir bodies through healthy eating choices. What inspired YOU to lead a plant based, mainly raw diet and lifestyle at such a young age?

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