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"My name is Laura-Jane The Rawtarian, and I am a passionate raw vegan.

What is a “raw vegan?” A raw vegan is someone who eats only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds–none of which are ever heated above 105f (40.6 celcius). That’s it.

Think I’m crazy? Think I must only eat carrot sticks and handfuls of almonds? Not so.

Raw vegan recipes include cookies, cakes, crackers, pastas and more. All made from fruit, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. No bread products, no dairy products, just raw, natural ingredients!

There is a whole movement of “raw vegans” (or “raw fooders”) who invent and share creative raw food recipes. Raw vegans prepare recipes using blenders and food processors instead of ovens and microwaves!

Please join me on this journey of lifestyle change as we strive to live a raw food lifestyle. Here you’ll find free the best, simplest raw food recipes and tips to help you get started on your raw lifestyle.

And, before you go, do "like" The Rawtarian on Facebook so we can stay in touch."

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kris January 31, 2012
it's nice to see a raw food podcast. Good job. but please don't smack your lips or say Pee-Can. it's annoying. If you ever take Toastmasters that is #one (lip smacking) of the first things they teach you NOT to do. It's really irritating and sort of says you're not listening to what you're saying and how you're saying it.
That's all! Good luck and I look forward to raw food - dehydrated deserts that include paCons (peacans)


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