Banana boat black tahini sandwich with passion fruit dressing

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This recipe will get your boat rockin’! Fantastic sweet treat featuring black sesame seeds. Perfect for a nutritious breakfast!


1 Cup Sesame seeds (black, white, or brown, presoak for 45 mins)

3/4 Cup Olive oil (cold pressed, extra virgin)

1/2 Cup Fresh lemon juice

1/4 tsp Celtic, or Pink Himalayan crystal salt

1 heart felt hug

You will also need fresh bananas (one per person for serving) and passion fruits for topping.


Place all ingredients into a high speed blender with the wet ingredients first.

Blend on high and if you have a Vitamix blender use the tamper to assist in getting ingredients all blended smoothly. If you are using a Blendtec, or other blender you might have to add more liquid (olive oil) to incorporate ingredients into a smooth paste.

Fillet bananas horizontally in half and spoon the tahini mixture on top of one of the halves and then put the other slice back on top - like a sandwich.

Slice open passion fruits in half and squeeze out inside seeds and juice over the top of the banana.

Truly healthy and truly delicious!

Priscilla SoligoAbout Priscilla Soligo

Priscilla Soligo is the founder of Rawthentic Food, a company dedicated to organic plant-based raw food health. Her degree in early childhood development and raw gourmet culinary and nutrition studies/ training combines her love and two passions of children and raw food together. Priscilla is a mother to an adorable toddler. She is an avid supporter of local organic farming and is currently producing her first e-book.

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