Broccoli and Banana Smoothie

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Broccoli and Banana Smoothie


You may be thinking, "broccoli and banana?!" Yes we know its an unlikely pair, however, this smoothie works out very nicely. The sweet creaminess of frozen bananas helps to smooth over any overly green flavor of broccoli. The spinach and spirulina are hardly even detectable, however they do contribute to the creaminess of texture. Maca and lucuma add a subtle maltiness that is quite delicious. The result is a thick, creamy smoothie packed to the brim with green nutrition! Top with bee pollen for an immune system boost as well as extra protein and B vitamins.

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2 frozen bananas

1/2 head organic broccoli (preferrably the florets, but can also use some of the stems)

handful of spinach

1-2 tbsp spirulina

1-2 tbsp lucuma (optional)

1 tsp maca

1- 1 1/2 cups water

bee pollen, topping


Blend ingredients together in a high-speed blender until well combined and the broccoli is smooth and creamy. Serve in a tall glass, top with a sprinkle of bee pollen, and drink to that powerful, vital green energy!






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