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A sweet and creamy mango beverage by Nikki Stokes of Eating Vibrantly inspired by a delicious yogurt drink known in India as lassi. Traditionally this blended beverage is served with spicy food to help refresh the palate and cool the system. This yummy raw version is free of all dairy, and instead relies on cashews for creaminess, fresh lemon juice for an added tang, fresh mango and banana for that deliciously fruity flavor and natural sweetness, and spices of nutmeg and cardamom for a traditional Indian flavor. Try it out, you wont be disappointed!

A thick and creamy double decker peppermint and chocolate smoothie creation by Rebecca Almazan of A Raw Education! No refined sweeteners are used in this recipe, only dates and frozen bananas. You also get the benefit of additional fiber from psyllium husk which helps give the chocolate layer an amazing pudding-like texture without having to rely on nuts or additional fats. If you love peppermint and chocolate you're going to love this healthy recipe!

Do you have a picky eater in your household who refuses to eat their veggies? The trick is all in the presentation! If you're on the look out for ways to sneak those leafy green veggies into your child's (or your own!) diet than this recipe by Chris Anca of Tales of a Kitchen will be very well received! A creamy green smoothie with spinach, fresh mango, banana, cashew milk, ginger, vanilla, and a dash of green tea powder forms the actual base of a deliciously fruity cake. Agar, a thickener derived from algae, is added to help things set properly. Serve it with a sprinkling of macadamia shavings and fresh mint leaves to garnish.

Easy peasy raw apple crumble bars by Fee O. of Raw, Fit and Happy made with a simple blend of dates, raisins, nuts, seeds, cinnamon spice, vanilla and fresh fruit. Serve with coconut vanilla bean ice cream for dessert or make a batch for breakfast or brunch and feed the whole family something healthy and delicious!

Ditch the coffee and instead celebrate the beginning of a new day with a Wake Up Kiss Latte by Matt Amsden of RAWvolution! A rich nut milk infused with coconut nectar, cacao, vanilla bean, ground cinnamon, and a dash of reishi mushroom powder mixes into a blend of Teecino herbal coffee and yerba mate. The result is a creamy and subtely sweet, low glycemic, non-addictive, non-acidifying, longevity-enhancing tea-based elixir which pleases the taste buds, comforts the soul, boosts the immune system, energizes the body, and invigorates the mind. Enjoy!

This yummy dessert draws it's inspiration from a classic recipe native to the south: pecan pie. This raw and gluten-free version by Christina Ross of is ooey and gooey and luckily leaves all that refined sugar and butter to the wayside, instead getting it's sweetness from organic dates, lucuma, coconut crystals, coconut nectar, and raw honey (or maple syrup). Seriously yummy, rich, and completely satisfying. Serve with a side of frozen banana ice cream or for a more cozy experience, a cup of hot herbal tea.

Succulent pineapple, plump medjool dates, rich coconut and creamy sounds an awful lot like paradise, doesn't it? With this fruity dessert bar recipe by Joelle Amiot of jarOhoney you'll experience a burst of tropical sunshine with every delicious bite. Serve for breakfast or for dessert and enjoy!

Healthy, raw and gluten-free doughnuts with actual nutritional benefits to match the pleasure of eating them? Yes, you read this right and while it may seem to good to be true this recipe by Chris Anca of Tales of a Kitchen proves that with raw food cuisine miracles can happen. The actual doughnut base is a simple combination of raw cashews ground to a flour, flax, chia, dates, ginger, lemon zest and a dash of turmeric to lend that pop of orange. The frosting is a creamy, sweet, metabolism boosting combination of young coconut meat, coconut oil and a liquid sweetener of your choice. Both ginger and turmeric are highly anti-inflammatory herbs, as are all of the omega 3's found in flax and chia. Top with grated almonds and a few crunchy cacao nibs. Delicious!

One thing is for certain, when it comes to raising children a little creativity goes a very long way. This is especially true in relation to diet. The more creative, colorful and FUN we can make meals for our children the more likely they are to take part in things such as beets, broccoli and yes *gasp* even KALE. Here are two amazing juice blends by Lisa Viger of Raw On $10 a Day Or Less that are perfect for the kiddos. Sweet yet low glycemic and packed with nutrition for healthy strong bodies, both big and small.

If you love to start your day with a nutrient dense smoothie you'll love this delicious recipe by Koko Brill of Kokos Kitchen! A base of pure homemade almond milk combines with frozen peaches and raspberries, dates, banana, and a handful each of some of the most classically adored superfoods: hemp seeds, chia seeds, goji berries, and cacao. Enjoy for breakfast and start your day nourished and fully charged up!

This wholesome dessert recipe by Eva Hajkova of comes together very effortlessly and is made with the simplest of ingredients. It is completely nut-free and is made with mainly fresh and dried fruits along with one of our favorite superfoods of all: coconut oil. Even children with nut allergies can enjoy this yummy treat! Garnish with a sprinkling of coconut flakes and cacao powder or nibs, and dig in!

Feeling a tell-tale tickle in your throat? If so do not waste another moment! Bust out this amazing Cold Bustin Smoothie by Erin Bosdet of Simply Dish and drastically decrease your chances of falling ill. This is a completely tasty smoothie with a potent dose of the following medicinal plant foods: fresh (or powdered) turmeric root, ginger, lemon, pomegranate, and cranberries. Banana and apple or pear add body, additional vitamins, energizing carbohydrates and yummy flavor. Use frozen banana for an icier effect. Keep this recipe handy in your virtual wellness cabinet whenever your body feels like it could benefit from a little immune system boost.

Hey you! Craving a little energy boost this afternoon? If so than you've stumbled upon the perfect recipe to wake up the senses, energize, hydrate those thirsty cells and generally add a little pep to your step. Enjoy this beautiful smoothie by Chris Anca of Tales of a Kitchen featuring fresh young coconut water, celery (electrolyte central!) banana, cucumber, melon, and a blend of whichever berries suit your fancy. You'll feel utterly renewed!

This delectable recipe by Christina Ross of is entirely free of gluten, sugar and dairy, and contains only ingredients which are exceptionally healthy for your body! If you miss cupcakes or muffins on a raw diet you'll love sinking your teeth into this recipe! A spicy cupcake mix made with a base of almond and coconut flour combines with a gingery apple filling and decadent raw caramel sauce drizzle. So delicious!

Imagine yourself walking into a kitchen filled with the aroma of sweetly spiced apple doughnuts "baking" away in the dehydrator. Drooling yet? This special recipe by Amy Lyons of Fragrant Vanilla Cake is a true celebration of this wonderful season, and can single handedly satisfy numerous cravings in one clean swoop. Raw and gluten free, coconut flour based apple doughnuts spiced with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cardamon filled with silky smooth apple butter jam, topped off with a creamy vanilla flavored maple frosting. Too delicious!

Don't eat eggs or tofu but love a good veggie scramble once in a while? Then you must try this delicious raw, vegan dish by Fee O. of Raw Fit and Happy made with fresh vegetables and a base of protein-rich seasoned raw almonds and sunflower seeds. The consistency of everything combined is creamy and rich and completely satisfying. A great low-sugar breakfast alternative to fruit based dishes on a raw path. Serve it on a bed of greens and top with a sprinkling of dulse flakes.

A powerfully nutritious, creamy and delectable yet simple raw milkshake by Kristina Ladecka of Spiced Blueberry Shake made with several amazing superfoods: hemp seeds, goji berries, raspberries and fresh vanilla bean! You will get a mega dose of omega fatty acids, antioxidants, immune boosting polysaccharides and tissue repairing protein with every delicious sip! Garnish with extra hemp seeds and goji berries!

This recipe by Erin Bosdet of Simply Dish will be absolutely adored by health conscious mama's (and their children) everywhere! Follow the instructions below to create almond milk 3 ways: plain, chocolate, and strawberry. No dairy, no soy, no corn syrup/sugar or artificial flavors, just pure, clean, nutrient-rich ingredients that will nourish every member of your household!

Make sure to soak those almonds for optimal creaminess and digestibility.

The ultimate beverage for yogis and yoginis everywhere! This recipe by Akshata Sheelvant of Jeeva will hydrate, energize, provide cleansing fiber for the digestive system and omega fatty acids for lubricated joints and flexibility. Every yogi will tell you to avoid a heavy meal right before yoga class. This recipe offers a nice boost of energy and nutrition all the while being light in the tummy. The sweet, sour, and salty flavor combination and hydrating aspect is also thought to bring balance to the Ayurvedic dosha type Vata. Enjoy this healthful drink and have a wonderful yoga session!

This gorgeous antioxidant-rich drink by Shernell Cooke of The Raw Food Beginner Chef was inspired by what she calls the most delicious Caribbean soft drink you will ever taste! Her version just so happens to be completely healthy for you as well, and incorporates two of Fall's most celebrated fruits: fresh grapes and pomegranates. Try it for yourself and have a sweet day!

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