Cabbage Recipes

Enjoy some of the best cabbage recipes on the internet. Cabbage is high in fiber and is a great source of sulfur.

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A crisp and bright raw cabbage slaw with juicy pearls of pomegranate fruit and a creamy almond butter-based ginger dressing that will make your taste buds sing! Enjoy this healthy and delicious salad by Emma Potts of Coconut and Berries for your next meal!

Give your kidneys some much deserved TLC with a highly cleansing radish and purple cabbage juice blend by Young and Raw. Radishes are powerful cleansers, especially in regards to our liver, gallbladders, and kidneys. They literally help flush out toxins from our bodies. If the juice is a bit too spicy try adding more celery, a green apple, or a wedge of lemon. Cheers to your health!

An ultra nourishing and flavorful salad by Emma Potts of Coconut and Berries! This recipe is full of healthy probiotics and fresh crunchy veggies with plenty of naturally occurring sulphur - a crucial mineral that helps give the skin a beautiful glow.  Fresh and cultured cabbage combines with kale, fennel, red onion, radish, mint and cucumber all coated in a splash of sweet and tangy Dijon and apple cider vinaigrette. So Yummy!

A delicious and nourishing macrobiotic inspired bowl by Marquis Matson of Real Raw Kitchen for those of us that prefer to keep it raw! Fresh veggies of kale, carrot, zucchini, sunflower sprouts, and green onion combine with cherry tomatoes, cultured sauerkraut, and a creamy tahini-miso dressing flavored with a punch of garlic and basil. Top with the optional avocado half and enjoy!

We love cultured veggies for a variety of reasons. One: they are a great way to consume more nutrient rich vegetables, especially the tougher cruciferous ones, during the winter months when the availability of fresh produce might be lacking. Two: the process of fermentation softens the texture for easier chewing, no cooking required! Three: probiotic bacteria is so important for our overall immune system and digestive health, and cultured veggies prove to be a delicious way of consuming them! Three: you can make a huge batch of kimchi for just a few dollars! Learn how to make the perfect batch of delicious kimchi with Sarah Britton of My New Roots - and check out her site for trouble shooting tips in case something goes a bit array the first time you try it out.

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Mexico In One Bite! This is a recipe that will surely inspire a fiesta in your tummy! The basis for this creation is a Mexican Wild Rice that is made entirely of vegetables and herbs. The mixture can be rolled up in collards, fresh romaine leaves, or served in purple cabbage boats as photographed. Enjoy your wraps dipped in a fresh and spicy mandarin dipping sauce!

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Easy, simple, and delish! We love the crunchy, juicy texture of this salad and the fact that it has a nice dose of protein in it from hemp seeds. And of course you can never go wrong with a tahini dressing, at least in our book!

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I rushed home tonight to whip up this raw version of the Macro bowl I had from Aux Vivres last week, so I could share the yummy goodness with all ya’ll before the weekend. You can skip the bowl, but I wouldn’t skip the sauce. I said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s ridic.

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One of my favorite foods is cabbage because it’s super versatile, has hardly any calories, is free of wheat and gluten, is great for digestion, and is beautiful in color (purple and green). It tastes awesome in salads, gives us valuable probiotics as pickled sauerkraut, plus it works perfectly as a “shell” to be stuffed with yummy fillings to make a delicious hand held treat. I’m currently reintroducing heart-healthy fats into my diet from flax and chia seeds (omega-3), some nuts (vitamin E and antioxidants), and olives to keep my skin supple and moist, especially now that autumn is upon us. I picked up a bunch of avocados at the Farmers’ Market, but am disappointed they didn’t make it into my bag!

The best raw food recipes are often the easiest to make! This is a staple recipe because it is SO healthy, involves lots of greens and veggies, and comes together in mere moments. The marinade is a classic blend of ginger, sesame, tamari and lemon juice. It is used to both marinate the mushrooms and also as a dipping sauce for your wraps. You can add in tahini or almond butter to the sauce if you would like a thicker, creamier consistency. 1 large collard leaf will usually yield enough for two smaller wraps once de-stemmed. Create as many wraps as you feel called to make!

This salad has a delightful crunch and kick from fresh purple cabbage and onion paired with sweet succulent pears, and crisp juicy celery. The dressing is easy to put together and doesn't even require a blender, just a jar for shake-shaking! It is a deliciously rich and tangy blend of extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, spices such as lemon pepper, mustard and tarragon, and a bit of date paste to sweeten. Top this recipe with a mixture of crumbled walnuts, nutritional yeast, onion powder and salt and pepper for an added cheesy flavor and additional B vitamins and omega fats.

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Ever made raw tacos? No?! Well now is the time and THIS is the recipe to start you out on a raw Mexican food inspired path to heaven! This incredible recipe by Sarah Britton is definitely not short on the ingredients, but the end result is well worth the effort. The flavors of spicy walnut taco mix, fresh tomato salsa and tangy cashew sour cream create an absolute explosion of fresh vibrant flavors in your mouth. And not only that but you will feel refreshed and nourished after your meal. For the taco "shells" try using several varieties of cabbage such as green leaf, purple, or nappa cabbage which all work very well. This recipe puts greasy meat based Mexican food to shame. As long as you are using fresh seasonal produce and those delicious Mexican spices and herbs such as cumin, cilantro, garlic, paprika, and spicy peppers you will get that authentic flavor.


This vegetable dish is heavy on the phytonutrients and antioxidant rich color pigment! Gena Hemshaw tells us that her diet is rich in fruits and vegetables from all colors of the rainbow, which is a very important aspect to a healthy balanced diet. Eating a variety of colors will also ensure that you are getting a variety of nutrients and antioxidants for cellular protection and repair. The brightly colored pigment of certain fruits and veggies is a smart signal from nature, attracting us to foods that are really good for our bodies. Eat a rainbow colored diet and you will be well nourished! The slaw sauce in this recipe is one of Gena's stand by favorites and makes a great staple salad dressing to have on hand.


What's not to love about Japanese Maki Rolls?! They are so delicious, and have the perfect balance of "light yet filling". Create these raw vegan maki rolls with your partner, a friend, or even your children. We love the pop of contrasting color from all of the fresh vegetables. In this recipe Jenné Claiborne uses  bell pepper, purple cabbage, avocado, pickled ginger, red lentils and sprouted quinoa inside of her nori sheets. Sprouted quinoa is a great source of alkaline forming protein, is very easy to digest and assimilate, and still retains those life giving enzymes and phyto-nutrients that would otherwise be destroyed with cooking. Check out Jenné's other recipe how to for sprouting quinoa.

Achieving the perfect salad can take a bit of creative flare. The fantastic thing about salad creation is that no two salads ever need be exactly the same. There are a plethora of different ingredients to mix up flavor and texture, and we have more access these days to different fruits and vegetables than ever before. This recipe is the creation of Gena Hemshaw, and she got her inspiration from Aimee Follette’s Bella Divine salad at Sun In Boom. Gena combines fresh, finely minced kale and cabbage with cultured vegetables, a light tahini dressing, dulse seaweed, a dash of ginger and Braggs or shoyu, and of course every salads must have ingredient- avocado. With the mouth watering close up of creamy avocado slices it's hard to not want this salad immediately! Whip up a large batch for dinner tonight and eat the leftovers for lunch tomorrow after the dressing has marinated with the kale.


In need of a fresh and flavorful idea for dinner tonight? This salad combines simple wholesome ingredients to create the perfect Asian inspired side salad. The crunch of sesame gomasio combines with juicy fresh nutrient rich purple cabbage and sugar snap peas for an enlightening taste of Spring. The salad is then ever so lightly dressed with rice wine vinegar and a drizzle of high quality sesame oil. If you're wanting an even lower fat version Chef Gena Hemshaw tells us that the sesame oil can be left out. This recipe calls for light steaming of your snap peas, but they can also be consumed raw, it is up to you. What a healthy addition to a meal!


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Here is a fall salad that most everyone likes. It will be gobbled up by health foodies and non health foodies a like.

This salad is quick, refreshing and enlivening! To play with this recipe, you can also put the salad filling into red cabbage as wraps, or ad some diced mango to the mix!

Red cabbage is high in vitamins, mineral and flavonoids. Enjoy this simple and sweet miso dressed salad with added wakame for an extra nutritional boost and flavor.

Check out this extraordinarily simple and easy recipe for Cabbage Sauerkraut!

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