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Forget the sugary desserts and try this deliciously satisfying treat instead. Mmmm so good! Thanks to Madeline Eyer of Consciously Raw for this dessert!

Breakfast, snack, dessert, treat. Whatever or whenever you feel like a healthy and sweet flavor explosion - this is the perfect choice. Ridiculously easy to prepare, filling and so boosting it's nutty to even think of it all.

Christina Ross of says, "Chia seeds are packed with energy and you don’t need the Aztecs to tell you that, just try them for yourself." Once you try this recipe you'll understand why ancient warriors used chia for sustained and powerful energy! You'll feel like conquering the world! This recipe takes but 5 minutes to prepare, is full of chocolatey deliciousness, is densely nutritious, AND contains a raw vegan cream cheese can't go wrong!

This recipe was created by Christina in honor of her birthday, but you certainly don't have to wait for a birthday to celebrate life by eating dessert for breakfast!

Christina shows us what to do with all that leftover almond pulp after making fresh almond milk! We love not letting anything go to waste, don't you?

The ultimate in refreshing nourishment! This is a green drink featuring all star ingredients such as fresh coconut water and the juices of apple, romaine, celery, cucumber, ginger and fennel. This green juice elixir becomes the base of a smoothie with the addition of brown rice protein, Vitamineral green, and white chia seeds. Light and perfectly sweetened by apple and coconut water and packed to the max with minerals and nutrition!

A Raw for $10 a Day or Less breakfast recipe for a simple chia smoothie packed with antioxidant love and plenty of super nutrient charged chia seeds! If you haven't yet discovered the wonders of chia there is no time like the present. Chia is amazing not only for its nutrition (complete protein and high omega 3 fatty acid content) but they also offer a great, gentle form of dietary fiber. When chia is mixed with liquid they will form a jelly-like paste, and act as a gentle "sweep" through the intestines. A great way to get things moving so to speak! White chia is very similar to the more standard brown chia, however they are slightly smaller, more delicate, and are a bit easier to chew.

A simple, adorable recipe by Christina Ross of makes the perfect finger food dessert for your party! Fresh strawberries soaked in lemon juice and honey (or maple syrup if you avoid bee products) combined with chia seeds to thicken, mashed and placed atop a sweet cashew and almond flour cookie.

We admit, sometimes it's nice this time of year to have a hearty breakfast in your belly before you head out the door into the cold weather! Enter buckwheat groat porridge with chia pudding, fresh almond milk, dried mulberries, seasonal fruit and maple to sweeten! This recipe will leave you feeling nourished for hours.

Soaking 4 hours, takes 10 mins to make. Setting 2 hrs (optional)

No special equipment needed

Chia makes the quickest, most irresistible raw puddings. The thing about chia is that it swells up to three or four times its size when you soak it, so a little goes a long way. It’s very good for gut health, and because its so fibrous, its very hard to overeat on it. I could never manage to eat a whole cup of chia in one day, however much I adore it! I find 2 tbsp is just about the right amount for a delicious pudding or snack.

With fennel, rocket (arugula) and these on the vine tomatoes in season now, what better way to celebrate this bounty than with a beautiful fresh pesto, and crispy chia crackers.

This is actually a really simple little recipe; the vine tomatoes that I’ve plated these with just have a small amount of salt sprinkled over them with a drizzle of avocado oil. I’m still enjoying the leftovers as I write this now.

Chia crackers are much lighter and can more easily be made thinner than flax crackers, which is why a lot of people prefer them.


Need an energy boost in the morning? Chia is known for its energy giving and sustaining properties. In fact it was used by the messenger runners of ancient Native American cultures of the southwest for prolonged endurance. If carrying a small sachet of seeds with you throughout the day doesn't appeal, try out this delicious chia pudding bowl recipe instead topped with almond slivers and juicy berries.


A delicious blended whirlwind of fresh raspberries, blueberries, banana and chia seeds left to sit and thicken in the fridge overnight. Watch if transform into a thick pudding consistency! If you know your mornings are rushed yet you'd still like to get a very healthy and sustaining breakfast try this recipe. The chia seeds will ensure that you get plenty of amino acids and essential fatty acids for healthy brain function, stabilized blood sugar, and energy throughout the day.

Fresh figs......a totally decadent treat during the summer all on their own! Gooey, moist, syrupy on the inside, they are like nature's gourmet dessert. If you have an abundance of figs around you and are looking for more fun ways to consume them (besides just chowing them down in all their natural glory) try out this recipe by Deborah Marsh! Fig cookies are a classic and this one is by far the healthiest version out there. These cookies can be made in the dehydrator, or simply placed in the freezer or fridge to set if you don't happen to own one. Serve them up with raw ice cream, or with a drizzle of raw chocolate sauce or nut butter on top!

A fabulously delicious, versatile and filling raw breakfast that will definitely give you the nutritional oomph to get through the day until lunch time. By soaking the oats we enhance their digestibility and nutrition, and also create a soft texture without the use of heat. Once you combine the soaked oats with chia, brazil nut milk, and a dash of lemon juice you can layer this mixture with this luscious, sweetly spiced strawberry sauce for a unique breakfast treat! Use the leftover sauce with pancakes, yogurt, ice cream, or layered with raw almond or cashew butter on sprouted spread. Sarah Britton shares with us a lot of wonderful information about the importance of soaking grains on her amazing blog My New Roots. Here is a little excerpt:

"Soaking allows enzymes, lactobacilli and other helpful organisms to break down and neutralize phytic acid. As little as seven hours of soaking in acidulated water will neutralize a large portion of phytic acid in grains. The simple practice of soaking cracked or rolled cereal grains overnight will vastly improve their nutritional benefits."

Bon Appetite!






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A simply classic chia seed porridge recipe created at the hands of the uber talented Jason Wrobel. Once your fresh hemp milk is made all that's left to do is pour milk over the chia seeds, add the other ingredients and let soak until the chia seeds swell and the recipe forms that perfect porridge consistency. If you're looking for breakfast ideas that really pack a nutritional punch this chia porridge is an excellent idea. The omega 3 fatty acid content and complete amino acid profile of chia, as well as their high fiber content, makes them incredibly nourishing and satisfying. This recipe also contains a generous serving of antioxidants with a handful each of goji berries, blueberries, and cacao nibs as well as superfood maca for hormone regulation. Breakfast doesn't get much better than this!

Don't knock this smoothie until you give it a go! If you're new to green smoothies it helps to have a tried and true recipe to follow as they can potentially go a bit haywire if the proportions of fruit to greens is off. Parsley is incredibly good for you, high in alkaline minerals and rich in vitamin C, beta carotene, and folate. It is also a great kidney cleansing herb! The strong taste of parsley is mellowed out by the sweetness of banana, blueberries and orange, and the chia helps thicken up the texture making this smoothie extra filling too! This smoothie is definitely a quick meal on the go, it has everything your body needs to get going on the right foot.

Chia is a true power food and makes for an amazing base to a sweet and more than easy to prepare raw vegan pudding. Gena Hemshaw of Choosing raw shares with us her technique for making a delicious vanilla flavored chia pudding rich in all 21 known amino acid, essential omega 3 fatty acids, iron, calcium and gentle soluble fiber. This pudding has a very "hempy" flavor, so it you prefer you can replace some of the hemp seeds with truly raw cashews to create a milder flavor. This is THE recipe to prepare when you need a no fuss breakfast.


Can't decide between chocolate and vanilla? You don't even have to make that tuff decision, simply make this recipe that fuses those two worlds together quite decadently! Coconut milk and ice blends with real tahitian vanilla bean, omega 3 rich chia seeds, a few drops of liquid stevia, and a generous drizzle of raw chocolate syrup. Try also adding a little mint leaf or organic mint extract to the blender for a cooling mint flavor explosion!

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A note from Chef Gena Hemshaw about her bold and energizing superfood smoothie: "The following recipe is every bit as tasty as it is vibrant, and it’s packed with nutrition. It’s also not overly sweet, which makes it a good afternoon snack: I personally find that super sweet smoothies make me crash in the afternoon. This was exactly the right amount of sweetness, and it fueled me well for the long day and night of study ahead."

Now make this recipe, enjoy slowly, and proceed to go save the world!

This is one of Marlie Centawer's amazing "Smoothie Saturday" recipes. It's a gorgeous blend of fresh fruits and superfoods such as spinach, chia seeds, hemp protein, spirulina, and maca and will surely start your day, and weekend, off on the right foot with powerful nutrients, greens, essential fatty acids, and protein!


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