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Make these snack bites by Stefania D'Alessandro of La Tortoise if you like a little zest and spice in your life. Sticky sweet dates combine with raw almonds, cashews, coconut oil, ginger, lime juice and zest and a dash of heat from chili pepper. Wake up those taste buds while giving the ol' blood sugar a boost. Enjoy!

You've just hit a true jackpot of a recipe. Raw Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies by Emma Potts of Coconut and Berries made with both homemade dark chocolate AND white chocolate chips. When life calls for a tall glass of (almond) milk and a chocolate chip cookie you can snuggle up with one of these along with a completely clear conscience. A truly guilt-free treat = the best kind.

Do macaroons leave you seduced every time? You will love this healthy raw version by Karolina Eleonora of The Raw Dessert Kitchen made with a base of coconut flour and (of course) coconut flakes, real cacao butter, vanilla bean, lucuma fruit, mesquite pod meal and more. These are like a healthier and more moist version of shortbread; so tasty!

This delicious recipe comes to us exclusively from Karolina Eleonóras new ebook Snack Smarter. Please pick up a copy of your own and ENJOY!

Need a little decadence in your life this weekend? Try this amazing frozen dessert by Emily Von Euw of This Rawsome Vegan Life. Two chocolate walnut brownie cookies sandwich a dense layer of coconut chocolate chip mint ice cream. Does it get any better? We can't fathom how...

Need something packed with energy, protein, essential fatty acids and a hefty dose of raw chocolate? Look no further than Marquis Matson of Real Raw Kitchen's Larchmont Bars inspired by Cafe Gratitude!

Packed with raw nuts and seeds such as pistachios, hemp, and almonds, dried fruits like dates, goji berries, and cranberries, yummy spices and a thick layer of dark chocolate ganache, you'll be savoring each and every delicious bite.


Like your cookies with a little hidden pizazz? Try this simple recipe by Emily Von Euw of This Rawsome Vegan Life! A raw cashew cookie with just a subtle hint of sage and a creamy lemon tinted drizzle of sweetness on top.

Decadent raw and gluten-free chocolate hazelnut thumbprint cookies by Emma Potts of Coconut and Berries, made extra tasty with the addition of Rawmio's Original Chocolate Hazelnut spread. Garnished with a dollop of homemade sugar-free strawberry chia jam, because strawberry and chocolate is a match made in heaven!

Even if you have only 10 minutes of time to devote in the kitchen today you'll STILL be able to create these amazing lemon and lucuma macaroons by Emma Potts of Coconut and Berries . Lucuma is a fine powder with a naturally sweet, butterscotch-like taste. It is derived from a fruit which hails from South America. Rich in iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium, beta carotene (which converts to Vitamin A), and antioxidants lucuma adds a delicious flavor AND loads of nutrition to this recipe! The almonds, dates, flax and coconut also add a hefty dose of fiber to aid digestion. ENJOY!

A delightfully healthy treat that will satisfy a chocolate craving without giving you the cacao jitters. Marlie Centawer of Barefoot and Frolicking utilizes carob powder for the majority of that chocolate flavor, along with a sprinkling of cacao nibs to garnish in this delectably chewy and gooey carob and cacao square recipe. In the mood for a brownie of the less healthy persuasion? Reach for one of these gluten and refined sugar-free beauties instead and enjoy without a trace of guilt!

Sweetly spiced and delicious gluten-free cookies by Akshata Sheelvant of Jeeva Lifestyle complete with a decadent Rawmio chocolate hazelnut topping. These little morsels of zen-inducing godliness are so easy to prepare and don't require a single ounce of heat to make (no baking required!). Enjoy a few of these scrumptious cookies with a glass of fresh nut milk or while sipping on your favorite herbal tea.

ps. Akshata is hosting a GIVEAWAY for 1 free jar of Rawmio Chocolate Hazelnut Butter: please visit her blog for details - the winner will be chosen 3/14/14.


Satisfy your hunger instantly with these delicious Goji Ginger Bites. This antioxidant rich recipe by Kerry Ogden is full of protein and healthy fats and take less than 5 minutes to make in your food processor. Perfect for a quick and nutritious snack or after dinner treat. Store them in your fridge - they are the perfect sweet treat to satisfy a gingersnap cookie craving!

Chocolate, cherry and vanilla : is there a combination more sweet and enticing? A chocolatey base made from ground flax, sesame, maca, cacao and vanilla is topped with a coconut nectar sweetened and cherry infused coconut cream. A thin layer of pure raw chocolate adds the perfect finishing touch. This recipe by Erin Bosdet of Simply Dish is so tasty, healthy, and easy to make!

Yummy energy-rich power bars by Karielyn Tillman of The Healthy Family and Home topped with a nice layer of raw chocolate. The bars themselves are a wholesome blend of raw and organic nuts, nut butter, seeds, coconut oil, raw honey (or if vegan - maple syrup), and vanilla extract and come together effortlessly with a few whizzes in the food processor and some easy mixing. Dessert? Snack? Who cares! Delicious absolutely any time of the day. These could also be easily formed into cookies for a different variation. Enjoy!

Raw and gluten free gingerbread cookies made with buckwheat, dates, flax seeds and a blend of deliciously sweet and cozy spices sandwich a dense layer of creamy, cinnamon spiked banana ice cream. If you like gingerbread cookies and you like ice cream (who doesn't!?) you'll love this perfect fusion of the two by Marquis Matson of Real Raw Kitchen!

Some days just call for a chocolate chip cookie and a tall glass of cold milk (dairy-free nut milk of course!) This version of one of the most beloved cookies in existence comes to us via Amie Sue of Nouveau Raw. They are completely raw and utilize a dehydrator to make, so if you foresee a cookie craving in your near future you'll want to start these ahead of time! Pull them out after 8 hours and sink your teeth into a perfectly chewy and scrumptious cookie made with all organic, raw, and healthy ingredients!

Healthy and entirely sinless no-bake vegan date bars without a stitch of flour, butter or sugar! Yes, it's true. This recipe by Leanne Vogel of Healthful Pursuit will blow any baked date bars you've ever had right out of the water - and you're tummy will be happy with you too! It is always recommended to soak your nuts, and Leanne recommends then drying them to crispy, crunchy perfection. If you don't have a dehydrator, and aren't ultra picky about your food processing temperatures, you can easily use the lowest setting on your oven. These date bars are super delicious served with a cold glass of brazil nut or coconut milk. Sink those teeth in and enjoy!

These raw chocolatey ice cream sandwiches by Priscilla Soler of Gastrawnomica utilize carob, the sweet and stimulant free legume often used as a replacement for cacao in recipes for those looking to avoid it. Two coconut banana cookies sandwich a generous helping of melty and creamy banana ice cream. A simple, low fat treat you can enjoy any time of the day! Ice cream sandwiches for breakfast? With this healthy recipe why not!

Delightfully simple raw chocolate chunk cookies made with a base of gluten free coconut flour and almonds by Erin Bosdet of Simply Dish! This recipe calls for a raw chocolate bar to break into pieces for the chocolate chunks. Use your favorite! We recommend Rawmio's chocolate barks or RawGuru's stone ground Bali-coconut sugar sweetened cacao paste. Chocolate chip cookies are that classic sweet treat and with this raw recipe you can enjoy them guilt-free!

The sweet flavor of maple and pumpkin pie spices are absolutely synonymous with this wonderful season we've entered into, and Amy Lyons of Fragrant Vanilla Cake has masterfully combined them both into one outstanding cookie recipe! No gluten, flour or sugar to be found here, just pure wholesome ingredients such as carrot, coconut butter, dates, flaxseed, maple syrup, and real spices of cinnamon, cardamon, nutmeg and ginger.

These delicious raw chocolate mini mint cookies by Stephanie Moram of Good Girl Gone Green are completely grainless, dairy-less and free of all refined sugar too! So you can release that inner cookie-monster all you want without the subsequent tummy ache, sugar crash or brain fog. They don't require any dehydration, just an hour or so in the fridge will firm them up to the perfect consistency. We recommend dunking them in a cold glass of nut milk before devouring a few (and maybe a few more...)

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