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Enjoy these vegan dehydrated recipes from crunchy crackers to crepes. You can now feel satisfied on any healthy diet!

Don't you just love recipes that utilize your left over almond pulp from making almond milk? There is no need to let that stuff go to waste because it makes a wonderful base for raw breads, both sweet and savory. In this recipe by Deborah Marsh you will find ingredients like coconut flour, flax and psyllium, chewy dried cranberries, ripe mashed banana, freshly squeezed orange juice, chopped walnuts, lucuma, coconut palm sugar and lovely spices of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and vanilla. The bread can be eaten warm right out of the dehydrator smothered in vanilla cashew lucuma icing!

Headed on a long drive or camping trip this summer? If so be sure to make up a batch of these crackers to take along with you, we're sure you will be thankful you did! This recipe combines the perfect levels of savory and sweet, and each cracker has a delightful crunch from soaked and dehydrated flax seeds and raw pumpkin seeds. Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, protein, and zinc, you'll be nourished AND satisfied even if you're out in the middle of nowhere.

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This recipe is incredibly easy, affordable, AND tasty! It makes the perfect base for an open raw vegan sandwich when you want something a little softer than a cracker but not too dense and complicated with the ingredients. This is Sarahfae's simple "no frills" recipe that can be adapted to suit your tastes. Make it savory, sweet, or even spicy!

Raw Chef extraordinaire Sarahfae of Addicted to Veggies recommends this savory tart recipe if you are looking for something new and fun to share with your friends at a summer barbecue or picnic! Even the fussiest eaters will like this recipe, and you don't have to be down with raw foods to thoroughly enjoy the delicious flavors of this recipe's buttery flax crust, creamy carrot-top pesto, soft and richly flavorful caramelized onions, tender wilted zucchini, and fresh spinach and tomatoes!



The creation of this recipe by Young and Raw was inspired by a trip to Jeremy Safrons farm in Haiku where he had made raw bread with fresh tumeric from his land. Tumeric is an incredibly potent anti inflammatory herb that also helps the body detoxify harmful substances. It is amazing for helping to prevent or remedy inflammation within the skin. This recipe is great because it combines the healing benefits of tumeric with a versatile raw, gluten free bread that can be used to make a hearty sandwich! Try this bread with a sprouted hummus spread, avocado, tomato, sprouts and pickle!


Every one knows how amazing leafy green vegetables are for you. No one is questioning whether they should eat more greens, most people believe they should! The question is then how to get more greens in the diet in a delicious and convenient way. This recipe is both of those things and combines vitamin and mineral packed kale with a generous dose of rich sesame tahini which is also known for being high in bone strengthening calcium. Eat your greens and become stronger and healthier! These kale chips are light and crispy and have just the perfect amount of sauce on them for that melt in your mouth consistency once dried. Tahini kale chips....simply a classic....


Crispy sweet "baked" onions with a creamy, cheesy, sunflower seed sauce that mimics the flavor of cheddar? Yes, please! This is another incredibly creative recipe by Callie England that will satisfy those cravings for any snacky, cheesy, savory, oniony type foods. Callie tells us, "These crispy onions are a great addition to salads and soups. Plus, they will store beautifully in the freezer, so make extra and you’ll have them for quite some time." They are crunchy, light, and oh so yummy!

Buttery and sweet, these little cashew pumpkin cookies will fill your house with the delicious and comforting scent of pumpkin pie spice. Instead of pumpkin this recipe calls for butternut squash which gives a very similar flavor but is more readily available and convenient. You can make these cookies crunchy or chewy depending on when you pull them out of the dehydrator. We recommend you eat them with a cold glass of fresh chocolate almond or pumpkin seed milk!

A "rawnola" recipe from Amber Crawley that she initially hadn't intended on blogging. She reconsidered because it ended up being a favorite! It makes a great snack by the handful or we recommend it in a bowl with fresh sliced berries of your choosing, a drizzle of maple syrup or raw agave, and a splash or two of freshly made hemp nut milk. This recipe is very uncomplicated and is great for individuals who haven't had much experience working with buckwheat groats or making raw granola. It is fool proof!



Ever bitten into a raw flax cracker only to be disenchanted by bland, listless, and uninspired flavor? If so this recipe will restore your faith that raw crackers CAN be loaded with flavor and pizazz! Spicy bold flavors of cumin, garlic, onion, black pepper and a touch of basil combine with soaked walnuts, ground flax and fresh zucchini for a versatile recipe that can be either turned into flatbread or crispy crackers. This recipe was inspired and adapted from a recipe by Chef Matthew Kenney.

Crunchy dehydrated BBQ spiced cauliflower with a sweet and tangy honey mustard dipping sauce. This delectable recipe is the perfect appetizer or snack when you just need something salty and spicy to munch on. Perfect savory treat while watching a great movie with a friend or loved one! If you love dehydrated kale chips odds are you will love this recipe too!

A rich savory tart inspired by the flavors of Italy. Made with fresh vine ripened tomatoes and thinly sliced fennel soaked in a cold pressed olive oil marinade and dehydrated to perfection giving them a nearly cooked flavor and texture. This recipe requires some extra steps but will become the centerpiece of any dinner table with it's richness of flavor and bright red juicy tomatoes. A truly inspired gourmet raw food recipe to delight the senses and nourish the body!

This savory spinach and wild mushroom quiche is an amazing creation of Chef Russel James, the master of raw gourmet. It is richly dense with flavor, and is made completely free of dairy, eggs, or anything processed for that matter and actually tastes worlds better than anything cooked. Believe us! While this recipe does take a bit of time to prepare (the base crust should be made ahead of time) it is well worth the effort as the outcome will amaze you.


Get in touch with your inner child with these raw vegan oatmeal cookies based on a recipe everyone knows all too well. The coconut oil and apple puree in this recipe will add a moist softness to the texture. Who doesn't love an oatmeal raisin cookie, i mean really! Another benefit of preparing this recipe is that your house is sure to smell of sweet apples and cinnamon while the cookies are dehydrating. Divine!

Chef Raw Loulou loves making this delectable dessert with sprouted quinoa, cashews, coconut, sweet lemon kream and fresh sweet/tart raspberry coulis. A beautiful marriage of flavors! This recipe calls for agar agar which is gelatinous substance made from red seaweed. It works very well as a chia gel substitute as it will not change the color or taste of the recipe at all. The quinoa does take a bit of planning and preparation ahead of time to sprout, but well worth the effort as you will end up with a creation equal parts vibrant nutrition and YUM factor!

These adorable little coconut cinnamon raison "quickies" take but minutes to throw together and can be either placed in the freezer to set or dehydrated if you're willing to wait for a bit. Cashews and coconut work very well as a base for a chewy style cookie. Throw in some cacao nibs if you're wanting a chocolatey crunch or dried blueberries instead of raisons to mix it up a bit. Sometimes simplicity is just divine!

Are you one of those people that loves the concept of eating sea veggies but don't care for the taste? If so then this recipe is for you! These crackers are so good they're borderline addictive, and with each crunchy savory bite you're getting loads of nourishing minerals from nori and kelp! This recipe was inspired by an Episode of Raw Food World.




Sometimes a snack attack can come out of nowhere. Don't be left unprepared without anything healthy to munch on! These munchy bars will satisfy a desire for crunchy, gooey, and sweet and are abundantly full of nourishing efa's from pumpkin seed, coconut and chia, as well as energizing carbohydrates from dates, banana and cranberry. Yumyum!



Dense yet pliable and soft, these pancakes are sooooo easy to create and will actually take you less time than traditional pancakes (minus the dehydration time) If you haven't yet experimented with making raw vegan pancakes then it is about time. Have fun with your raw food diet!


Sometimes flavors simply come together in a perfect harmony of delicious taste. So is the case with this easy granola recipe which encompasses the enticing flavors of cinnamon, maca, vanilla bean, almonds and blueberries! Sprouted buckwheat is often used as a base in granolas because of it's light crunchy texture and high protein content. Also, it is very affordable!




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