Raw Fermented Recipes

Add these healthy and fermented recipes to your daily diet to add good bacteria and b-vitamins into your body.

Learn to make a delicious cheese spread that can replace goat cheese in your vegan recipes! This recipe by Lauren Felts of The Holy Kale utilizes fresh macadamia nuts, and is cultured with dairy-free probiotics. Coated in a layer of fresh tarragon, this "goat cheese" is super delicious spread thick on raw flax crackers, sprouted bread, or in raw wraps with fresh tomato, greens, and sprouts. Try also incorporating it into a salad!

We love cultured veggies for a variety of reasons. One: they are a great way to consume more nutrient rich vegetables, especially the tougher cruciferous ones, during the winter months when the availability of fresh produce might be lacking. Two: the process of fermentation softens the texture for easier chewing, no cooking required! Three: probiotic bacteria is so important for our overall immune system and digestive health, and cultured veggies prove to be a delicious way of consuming them! Three: you can make a huge batch of kimchi for just a few dollars! Learn how to make the perfect batch of delicious kimchi with Sarah Britton of My New Roots - and check out her site for trouble shooting tips in case something goes a bit array the first time you try it out.

Ever wondered if there is a way to make your own VEGAN cultured Greek style yogurt? Well the answer is yes and Priscilla Soligo of Rawthentic Food will show you how with this simple recipe! Organic plant based probiotics are added to a base of blended coconut meat. The mixture is then allowed to sit 10-12 hours at around 100 degrees F to complete the fermentation process after which a splash of lemon juice is added for extra tang. If you are in a cold climate you can simply place your bowl in a dehydrator set to 100 degrees. Remember to always use glass for your cultured foods! Serve it up with fresh berries and superfood toppings!


A creamy bowl of nourishing raw vegan coconut yogurt topped with raw cacao nibs.

Buying these products (found in the freezer section of Whole Foods Market) makes for making easy raw vegan coconut yogurt. Just thaw and use. No need to crack open any coconuts. Plus, they’re organic.

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I rushed home tonight to whip up this raw version of the Macro bowl I had from Aux Vivres last week, so I could share the yummy goodness with all ya’ll before the weekend. You can skip the bowl, but I wouldn’t skip the sauce. I said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s ridic.

Mix up your kombucha drinking experience by making a light, whipped to perfection fruit and kombucha frostie! This recipe by Gena Hemshaw combines frozen fruit with GT's Synergy Kombucha (or your own home brew!) and a touch of fresh lime juice. The flavor outcome will vary depending on what flavor of kombucha you use, so play around and have fun with it! Conventional sugar and artificial dye loaded frosties aint got nothing on this organic recipe full of healthy probiotics!

This Coconut Yogurt is a super quick breakfast or afternoon snack – and it’s chocked full of tummy loving probiotics.

Check out this extraordinarily simple and easy recipe for Cabbage Sauerkraut!

Don't be intimidated, making your own homemade sauerkraut is easier than it may seem and you'll soon become an expert. A great way to consume fermented veggies is with fresh avocado and a bit of sea salt. So good, and, so good for you. Enjoy!

This is a very simple and healthy way to get your intake of vegan probiotics. Add fermented foods into your diet!


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