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Enjoy some of the best kale recipes on the internet. From kale salad to kale chips. Add kale to your diet for stronger bones and alkaline nutrition.

A simple and refreshing kiwi smoothie recipe by Golubka, absolutely packed with vitamin C, enzymes, healthy fats and proteins. If you're allergic to bananas and have to avoid many smoothie recipes because of this you'll love this recipe! She utilizes avocado for a creamy and thick texture. This recipe also happens to be very low-glycemic. Enjoy!

Tangy, spicy, crunchy and salty, these delicious kale chips by Karielyn Tillman of a Healthy Family and Home pack a serious amount of flavor with each handful. More than a little addictive, you can indulge knowing that you're eating something actually good for your body with nutrients galore! Using Himalayan salt in your kale chip recipes is a sure way to get an even heftier dose of minerals. This recipe is for the people out there that like it HOT!

Juicy fresh flavor from sweet, crisp apples and bell peppers will burst in your mouth with each delicious bite of this healthy green salad by Brandi Doming of The Vegan 8. You will love the bold flavor of her sweet, spicy and creamy-rich dressing made from a base of pecans, organic mustard, chili spice, apple juice and a liquid sweetener of your choice. The dressing recipe makes quite a bit, so keep the extra in a jar in the fridge for future salads or a quick, healthy dip for veggies. Enjoy!

An ultra nourishing and flavorful salad by Emma Potts of Coconut and Berries! This recipe is full of healthy probiotics and fresh crunchy veggies with plenty of naturally occurring sulphur - a crucial mineral that helps give the skin a beautiful glow.  Fresh and cultured cabbage combines with kale, fennel, red onion, radish, mint and cucumber all coated in a splash of sweet and tangy Dijon and apple cider vinaigrette. So Yummy!

A delicious and nourishing macrobiotic inspired bowl by Marquis Matson of Real Raw Kitchen for those of us that prefer to keep it raw! Fresh veggies of kale, carrot, zucchini, sunflower sprouts, and green onion combine with cherry tomatoes, cultured sauerkraut, and a creamy tahini-miso dressing flavored with a punch of garlic and basil. Top with the optional avocado half and enjoy!

An absolutely delicious and hearty kale salad by Lauren Felts of The Holy Kale with ingredients inspired by the Mediterranean. Raw kale is chopped and combined with parsley, kalamata olives, cucumber, capers, artichoke hearts (optional- not raw), sundried tomatoes, pecans, and fresh lemon. The dressing is a creamy and delectable blend of raw tahini (try Dastony's - it's the best!), balsamic vinegar, sea salt and honey. Nourishing on every level. If you love the flavors of the Mediterranean and love your greens you will adore this salad.

It's a new year and there is no time like the present to fully embrace the nutritional powerhouse that is kale. This recipe by Joelle Amiot of jarOhoney utilizes our favorite dark leafy vegetable in a very simple and back-to-basics fashion - fresh kale is chopped, combined with lemon juice, the optional dash of olive oil, salt and pepper, 1 large and very ripe avocado, and freshly grated ginger then massaged to soften. Make kale salad a staple in your diet for 2014 and reap the health benefits. Packed with protein, minerals, healthy fats, tons of chlorophyll and absolutely no sugar, you'll feel like a million dollars after consuming this recipe! Make extra and store in the fridge - it tastes great the next day too.

One thing is for certain, when it comes to raising children a little creativity goes a very long way. This is especially true in relation to diet. The more creative, colorful and FUN we can make meals for our children the more likely they are to take part in things such as beets, broccoli and yes *gasp* even KALE. Here are two amazing juice blends by Lisa Viger of Raw On $10 a Day Or Less that are perfect for the kiddos. Sweet yet low glycemic and packed with nutrition for healthy strong bodies, both big and small.

Sit back, relax, breathe in that fresh Autumn air and enjoy this simple and scrumptious walnut and apple infused kale salad. Why choose kale for your salad greens? Chris Anca of Tales of a Kitchen gives us plenty of reasons! In just 1 cup of chopped kale (about what this recipe calls for) you'll be getting 200% of your daily allowance for Vitamin A, 100% of your Vitamin C, and 684% of your Vitamin K. The kale within this recipe will be literally helping to protect your cells and build healthy blood to nourish every inch of you. We love the combination of flavors in this recipe: the robust and green flavor of kale is balanced perfectly with sweet apple, crunchy celery, and rich walnuts dressed with a lovely basic olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Crunchy, flavorful and totally delectable nut-free kale chips by Amie Sue of Nouveau Raw inspired by a genius recipe featured on Cafe Gratitude's blog. These are tangy and slightly cheesy from the miso, lime and apple cider vinegar yet contain no nutritional yeast. We love the added dose of omega 3's from the addition of chia seeds!

An indulgent, creamy, milkshake-like smoothie by Marquis Matson of Real Raw Kitchen that just so happens to be rich in chlorophyll and packed to the brim with nutrition! A base of fresh brazil nut milk blends with frozen banana, kale, spinach, and a dash of chlorella and maca to create something equally pleasing to both your taste buds and your body. Have fun with your green smoothies and try out a base of fresh nut milk for an added creaminess that is so delicious!

Kale continues to prove itself as one of the most versatile and healthful ingredients on a raw food diet! Salads, chips, smoothies, juices, soups, and more can all be made with kale - a common leafy green veggie whose nutrient density easily elevates it to superfood status. Try these pleasantly sweet and tasty Carrot Cake Kale Chips by Fragrant Vanilla Cake - a fun variation to the usual salty and cheesy flavored kale chip most are familiar with. This recipe incorporates flavors of ginger, vanilla, cinnamon, cardamon, coconut, and butterscotch-like lucuma. An ultra healthy sweet treat!!

Get your fix of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Iron, Calcium and Potassium by crunching away on these terrific tangy-salty dill pickle flavored kale chips! Free of all nuts and made extra crisp through the use of ultra healthy coconut oil.

When you think of kale the term decadence doesn't often come to mind. However, once you've tried this deliciously crunchy and spicy kale chip recipe with a hit of curry you may change your mind. Kale chips are the ultimate savory treat on a raw food diet. The perfect healthy alternative to chips for kids and adults alike!

This recipe also comes with a nut-free variation for those with more sensitive tummies. If you want a tangier version you may try adding a touch of lemon juice as well.

There are many things you can tweak within your diet to achieve better health, but if you're looking for 1 step in particular that will make a huge difference a daily green juice is it! Use this recipe by Lauren Felts of The Holy Kale to boost your immune system, re-mineralize your blood, cleanse your body, alkalinize your pH and achieve a radiant, healthy glow!

This is truly a Vitamin C packed power salad! Vitamin C actually helps strengthen the collagen and elastin in our skin - the proteins that help give skin that youthful, smooth, elastic nature. The sweetness of maple syrup along with the acidity of the citrus fruits help to balance out any bitter flavor from the kale. A great salad to enjoy throughout the year! Learn more about the benefits of grapefruit here.

There are 3 great things about kale! It is highly nutritious, there are endless ways to enjoy it, and the more you eat it the more you'll crave it!! From salads to chips, marinated or eaten fresh out of the garden - kale is highly versatile. This hearty salad is made with metabolism boosting coconut oil, onions, and fresh veggies and is left to crisp up in the dehdrator.

This green juice nourishes and cleanses through a bounty of natural (albeit leftover) goodness from dear mamma Earth; green apples, lemon, ginger, cucumber, with an abundance of extra broccoli and kale stems I saved from other culinary efforts. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Our chef Selene Vakharia really knows fresh. Enjoy the bounty of farmers markets and make yourself this easy and crisp kale salad bursting with flavor and healthy fats from the avocado and flax oil.

Spring may not be far away but lets admit it....its still frigid out there! When a cold salad just doesn't sound appealing turn to a recipe like this one by Sarafae of Addicted to Veggies for wilted greens smothered in a creamy sauce, made warm in the dehydrator. Get your greens in AND feel satisfied and nourished on a cold winters day.

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