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A you a fan of a sweet and savory flavor combo? If the answer is yes, and if you like to walk a bit on the wild side, you will love Lisa Viger's raw and vegan version of maple bacon ice cream made with frozen bananas, real maple syrup, and yes, zucchini....

Give it a try!

A creamy and dreamy chocolate covered frozen treat by Joelle Amiot of jarOhoney that will leave you feeling like royalty upon each delicious bite. Dairy and refined sugar free, and made with antioxidant and flavonol- rich raw cacao powder. The "ice cream" in this recipe is actually pure frozen banana. What a delightful and healthy treat!

A vibrant raw vegan ice cream flavored with berries, rose, and vanilla complete with saucy swirls of pureed raspberries and strawberries and chunks of sugar cookies throughout. This Valentines day recipe by Amy Lyons of Fragrant Vanilla Cake is just about as festive and decadent as it gets and will win the hearts of all who try it. Enjoy and feel the love!

A triple layered raw ice cream cake by Chris Anca of Tales of a Kitchen which you wont want to miss out on trying. 3 delicious flavors of frozen banana ice cream layer perfectly with one another: chocolate, strawberry and basil, and nectarines and nuts, forming a completely sublime and healthy frozen treat! Top with chopped almonds and fresh berries. Enjoy!

Raw and gluten free gingerbread cookies made with buckwheat, dates, flax seeds and a blend of deliciously sweet and cozy spices sandwich a dense layer of creamy, cinnamon spiked banana ice cream. If you like gingerbread cookies and you like ice cream (who doesn't!?) you'll love this perfect fusion of the two by Marquis Matson of Real Raw Kitchen!

A very simple yet entirely delectable raw cashew berry ice cream with just a hint of chocolate. This recipe by Eva Hajkova of is perfectly suited for children as well; they will love the beautiful bright purple hue! Enjoy!

These raw chocolatey ice cream sandwiches by Priscilla Soler of Gastrawnomica utilize carob, the sweet and stimulant free legume often used as a replacement for cacao in recipes for those looking to avoid it. Two coconut banana cookies sandwich a generous helping of melty and creamy banana ice cream. A simple, low fat treat you can enjoy any time of the day! Ice cream sandwiches for breakfast? With this healthy recipe why not!

When we came across this truly incredible recipe by Emily Von Euw of This Rawsome Vegan Life we were instantly transported to our youth, a time of dilly bars and dipped cones. While it's probably been a while since your last Dairy Queen indulgence, this recipe may bring back some memories for you too. That being said this version will knock out any dairy and sugar laden ice cream bar you've ever had right out of the park. Made with simple banana ice cream, raw cacao, superfoods and wholesome sweeteners, this recipe will nourish both your soul AND your body.

Put down that Cherry Garcia ice cream and back away from the freezer cause there's a MUCH healthier and equally as tasty alternative for you here! This recipe by Amanda Maquire of Pickles and Honey is made with a base of freshly made cashew milk and coconut cream, dates, frozen pitted cherries and dark chocolate chunks. It can be made in an ice cream maker or a blender (instructions for both included below). Think ice cream can't be deliciously decadent without the use of dairy or sugar? Try this recipe and prepare to be amazed.


Spruce up your usual banana ice cream creation by adding to the mix some raw nut butter and strawberries to create a PB&J - like effect. If you're drooling from looking at this picture you'll be happy to know it is a super easy thing to make! Freeze some bananas up today, pick up some fresh strawberries, and bust out the Dastony stone ground nut butter to create this awesome healthy treat by Priscilla Soler of Gastawnomica

A gorgeously decadent recipe designed by Marquis Matson of Real Raw Kitchen with the ladies in mind specifically. However, the gentlemen out there will surely enjoy it too! Dreamy chocolate cherry hemp seed ice cream with a layer of dark chocolate ganache set to perfection in the freezer. The hemp seed ice cream will provide you with a hefty dose of minerals, Vitamin E and Vitamin K as well as protein and efa's while raw cacao provides plenty of magnesium, antioxidants and happy brain chemicals. So good it's almost not realistic! This recipe is also nut-free!

Chocolate chip mint ice cream will forever be a classic favorite! There's just something about cooling peppermint paired with creamy, sweet ice cream and dark chocolate chips. It just hits the spot every time! This version by Amie Sue of Nouveau Raw is made without any dairy or sugar whatsoever. Instead it utilizes the creaminess of almond milk and young Thai coconut meat and the sweetness of agave, raw honey, and yacon syrup. Use fresh mint for an authentic peppermint flavor and a pinch of spirulina if you desire a brighter pop of green!

This recipe will bring back childhood memories of those hot summer afternoons spent chasing after the ice cream truck. Flax seeds, banana, agave nectar, raw cacao, coconut crystals, cold pressed olive oil, cinnamon, jungle peanuts, and mesquite - these ingredients sure do beat what you'll find listed on the drumsticks at the supermarket. A wholesome and fun recipe to share with children or your own inner child!

Raw coconut milk ice cream with chunks of frozen berries, mango, pineapple or fruit of your choice, frozen in popsicle molds, enjoyed in the sunshine (of course!). Add fresh herbs for a unique twist of flavor! Use a sweetener of your choice such as coconut or sun dried cane juice crystals. Or simply sweeten with a touch of stevia for a very low glycemic option. Make coconut milk by blending shredded coconut with pure water in a ratio of 1 part coconut to 1 1/2 parts water, and strain through a nut milk bag.

Amanda Magquire takes the classic combination of lime and coconut to a new level by adding a pop of Thai chili peppers! Yes its as interesting as it sounds and astonishingly delicious. Hot, cold, sweet, tangy, and creamy all in one bite. And low glycemic too!

Bethanne is like a raw superfood ninja in the kitchen when it comes to desserts and comes up with some of the most creative treats we've ever seen. This Triple Layered Jungle Peanut Butter Butterscotch Ice Cream Cake (whew!) is one of her self-proclaimed best recipes to date. Even though it is a decadent dessert it is utterly dense in nutrition and medicinals. This recipe utilizes some unique extracts such as red asparagus which lends an amazing butterscotch flavor to the crust and has anti-stress attributes.

This banana ice cream is simple and low in fat yet high in sweet, creamy, frozen fruity goodness! The cherry cream is spiked with maca root powder for hormonal and glandular support. Maca also adds a nice subtle malty flavor that paires perfectly with the cinnamon and carob in the ice cream!

Beads of mangosteen fruit burst in the mouth with juicy sweetness after every bite of this delicious raw, vegan cashew and coconut based ice cream!  Sweetened only with dates and lightly spiced with organic cardamom.

Mangosteen, often referred to as the queen of fruit, contains over 40 different compounds called xanthones which act as powerful antioxidants for our bodies. The bark, the leaves, as well as the juicy fruit have been used in various healing tonics by Native cultures and even mainstream medicine has begun to catch on to its disease preventing attributes. The anti-inflammatory and regenerative qualities of this fruit are truly amazing! it is a tropical fruit and can therefore be tricky to come across. Try your local Asian market, or substitute ripe pears in this recipe for a similar flavor.

Nothing says summertime quite like the sugary sweetness of fresh, ripe mango! This recipe by Aksheeta Sheelvant of Jeeva Lifestyle combines juicy mango with a few other wholesale raw, vegan ingredients to create creamy saffron popsicles perfect for a mid afternoon snack while enjoying the sunshine! You may choose to use raw cane sugar for additional sweetness, or simply relay on the natural sugar found in mango. Enjoy!

Take a bite of a creamy blueberry infused coconut dreamsicle and melt away into bliss-land. Flavors of fresh blueberry and rich coconut swirl together with the juice of a lemon and low glycemic coconut nectar.

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