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Both ginger and turmeric are rhizomes and have been lauded for thousands of years in Ayurveda for their medicinal and culinary properties. Turmeric and ginger, both highly rich in antioxidants work synergistically to strengthen the digestive agni and increase the metabolism. This is a strong and potent spring time tonic!

Sweetly spiced and delicious gluten-free cookies by Akshata Sheelvant of Jeeva Lifestyle complete with a decadent Rawmio chocolate hazelnut topping. These little morsels of zen-inducing godliness are so easy to prepare and don't require a single ounce of heat to make (no baking required!). Enjoy a few of these scrumptious cookies with a glass of fresh nut milk or while sipping on your favorite herbal tea.

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A sweet and creamy mango beverage by Nikki Stokes of Eating Vibrantly inspired by a delicious yogurt drink known in India as lassi. Traditionally this blended beverage is served with spicy food to help refresh the palate and cool the system. This yummy raw version is free of all dairy, and instead relies on cashews for creaminess, fresh lemon juice for an added tang, fresh mango and banana for that deliciously fruity flavor and natural sweetness, and spices of nutmeg and cardamom for a traditional Indian flavor. Try it out, you wont be disappointed!

There is something absolutely mouth-watering about the combination of flavor, spice, and textures found within traditional Indian food. However, most Indian-inspired recipes are pretty heavily cooked and often contain a lot of dairy! If you're a fan of both Indian food AND raw food you'll absolutely love this recipe by Joelle of jarOhoney! You can enjoy the delicious blend of flavors and spices synonymous with this style of cuisine all the while maintaining a raw, vegan path. Cashew cream cheese infused with curry spice, pink salt, currants and green onions is encrusted in raw "dry roasted" peanuts, layered with a spicy Bengali chutney, and served with fresh cucumber rounds, bell pepper strips or carrots. Delicious!

Nothing says summertime quite like the sugary sweetness of fresh, ripe mango! This recipe by Aksheeta Sheelvant of Jeeva Lifestyle combines juicy mango with a few other wholesale raw, vegan ingredients to create creamy saffron popsicles perfect for a mid afternoon snack while enjoying the sunshine! You may choose to use raw cane sugar for additional sweetness, or simply relay on the natural sugar found in mango. Enjoy!

A crunchy macadamia nut snack sweetly spiced with a blend of low glycemic coconut sugar and aromatic garam masala. This is a great base recipe that you can take many different directions. For instance, if you prefer something more savory leave out the coconut sugar and vanilla and add a touch more salt. A great party snack idea!

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This is probably the most flavorful raw food meal I have ever eaten! When I created this recipe, I had been primarily snack-
ing for a few weeks and I missed the taste of a real meal. Well, this recipe did the job. The Sambar Masala tomato sauce balances out the earthy flavor of the rice, and the nut chutney is sweet, savory, crunchy, and the perfect complement to the
tomato sauce and rice.


Doodh Pedha (Milk Fudge) is a very popular and easy to make Indian dessert!! These taste AWESOME and the best part is you don't feel heavy the way you do with eating dairy based doodh pedhas! Make them and ENJOY! This vegan style doodh pedha was made in less than 10 mins!!!



It's an awesome experience making your own cookies knowing exactly what you put in it - no flour, no preservatives only wholesome healthy ingredients made with lots of love! :) These are so easy that you can have your kids make them.


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Laura Dawn says, "Boost your energy lev­els, help clear up your skin and alka­lize your body…these are just some of the health ben­e­fits of eat­ing mangoes!" This recipe also includes plenty of hemp seeds for their creamy texture and wonderful abundance of complete protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Let your tastes be the judge of the exact amounts of ingredients to add to this recipe. If your mangos are especially ripe and juicy you may need less liquid or vise versa. The addition of chai spice gives this recipe an authentic Indian flare!

A simple and easy recipe, raw and nutrient dense. This yummy recipe uses Pistachio Butter from Wilderness Poets.  This wonderful company also makes hempseed spreads and other delicious nut butters.  This is their website: or you can purchase online at:


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Garlic, ginger, turmeric, cayenne, and onion along with soaked sunflower seeds create a warming and grounding seed pâté perfect for those Vata dosha types out there.

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A delicious, authentic tasting Indian appetizer - with a nice texture and bursting flavors.

A simple and elegant vegetable samosa dish with cucumber and mint relish.


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