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If you've yet to really master your raw cheesecake creations Amy Lyons of Fragrant Vanilla Cake will help guide you along with her perfected recipes such as this one. A creamy and dense coconut cheesecake filling infused with lemon zest, vanilla and thyme combines perfectly with an all raw sprouted buckwheat crust and sweet pluot puree. This cheesecake is like a homage to summers fruity abundance.

If you're looking for a raw dessert recipe absolutely guaranteed to impress anyone and everyone around you than behold your answer here! This Raw Lemon Caramel Coconut Yogurt Cake by Amy Lyons of Fragrant Vanilla Cake is perfection. She utilizes probiotic powder in the coconut yogurt to give the recipe an extra boost of authentic yogurt flavor AND immune boosting friendly flora. Creamy tangy-sweet coconut yogurt and zesty lemon merge with gooey ribbons of sweet caramel atop a nut-free/gluten-free crust. Swoon.

You've just hit a true jackpot of a recipe. Raw Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies by Emma Potts of Coconut and Berries made with both homemade dark chocolate AND white chocolate chips. When life calls for a tall glass of (almond) milk and a chocolate chip cookie you can snuggle up with one of these along with a completely clear conscience. A truly guilt-free treat = the best kind.

Amy Lyons of Fragrant Vanilla Cake knows how to whip up some pretty unreal desserts. This Raw Zucchini Carrot Spice Cake is no exception. If you've got an abundance of zucchini on hand, either from your own garden or maybe even a nearby farmer's market, try giving things a sweet spin with this amazing recipe. In order to acquire the carrot/zucchini pulp for this recipe you'll need to make yourself a delicious and nutrifying veggie juice! Perfect for sipping on while you master your skills at raw "baking". Enjoy!


The beautiful spring time brings with it a promise of warmer weather ahead, warmer weather and swim-suit ready bodies! Have a little sweet treat while maintaining your healthy eating plan with this raw, vegan, low sugar and paleo-friendly recipe by Joelle Amiot of jarOhoney! With raw food it's the best of both (all) worlds.



A creamy and dreamy chocolate covered frozen treat by Joelle Amiot of jarOhoney that will leave you feeling like royalty upon each delicious bite. Dairy and refined sugar free, and made with antioxidant and flavonol- rich raw cacao powder. The "ice cream" in this recipe is actually pure frozen banana. What a delightful and healthy treat!

Would you believe upon first glance that this delectable recipe by Kristina Ladecka of Spiced Blueberry Shake is nut-free and actually very simple to make? Bust out those dehydrators and try your hand at making a batch of raw crepes complete with fresh fruit and raw coconut cream. Yum!

If you love carrot cake and have a special adoration for the cream cheese frosting that often accompanies it you will fall in absolute LOVE with this dessert masterpiece by Ann Oliverio of An Unrefined Vegan. Two heart shaped layers of yummy raw vegan carrot cake made entirely free of gluten and sugar sandwich a generous amount of sweet vanilla and lemon cashew cream cheese frosting. Divine!

A vibrant raw vegan ice cream flavored with berries, rose, and vanilla complete with saucy swirls of pureed raspberries and strawberries and chunks of sugar cookies throughout. This Valentines day recipe by Amy Lyons of Fragrant Vanilla Cake is just about as festive and decadent as it gets and will win the hearts of all who try it. Enjoy and feel the love!

If you love the refreshing and vibrant flavor of lemons you will love this mouthwatering dessert by Joelle Amiot of jarOhoney! The crust is a delicious combination of truly raw cashews, hemp hearts, coconut and dates - raw AND paleo friendly. The filling combines the delicate and nearly floral flavor of meyer lemon with the more robust and acidic standard lemon for a nice balance of sweet and tart. Fresh banana makes the filling nice and creamy, while omega rich chia seeds are used to thicken things up. Wondering how to achieve that pop of bright yellow? Sun dried, organic turmeric root is the secret ingredient there. Store these lovely mini-tarts in the freezer for a healthy treat anytime.

The ultimate Christmas dessert by Chris Anca of Tales of A Kitchen!

This chocolate cake is accented with hints of fresh orange zest and turns out moist and gooey from all of the dates, dried fruits, coconut oil and luscious raisin caramel filling. Shredded coconut tinted green with real matcha powder along with red goji berries makes for an especially festive feel. That and the fact that it's actually shaped like a Christmas tree....

If you're looking for something to wow a crowd than this is the recipe to help you accomplish the feat!

Another classic and mouthwatering raw dessert from Heather Pace of Sweetly Raw! If you're craving the satisfying wholesome nature of apple pie try out this delicious recipe today. The crust is a lovely ivory- toned blend of cashews and coconut and sweet maple syrup. Fresh apples and pears are diced, pureed and combined with a sweet cinnamon date sauce spiked with a splash of fresh citrus and vanilla. A melted coconut butter drizzle finishes things off perfectly. So yummy!

"A raw enchilada, how is it even possible?" you may be wondering...

While this recipe isn't going to imitate a hot dish of cheese and sauce laden corn tortilla-based enchiladas it IS going to blow your mind by how delicious it is! Yes it is raw, so the textures will vary from a cooked enchilada, but you will get that irresistible combination of Mexican-esque flavors within the fresh salsa, cheesy cashew sauce, walnut and pumpkin seed nut meat and fresh veggie and flax based tortillas. When everything is combined your mind and taste buds will be blown away. Enjoy this truly gourmet (yet surprisingly simple) savory recipe by Emily Von Euw of This Rawsome Vegan Life!

Want to seriously wow the crowd at your next Holiday get together? Than try this delectable pumpkin-themed frozen dessert by Joelle Amiot of jarOhoney! The sorbet itself turns out creamy and perfectly sweet with a light texture. When combined with the hazelnut silk sauce the result is simply heavenly! This is an indulgence you (and everyone around you) will want to partake in...

A truly elegant raw cake by Ulyana Michailov of Forest Faery featuring roses and fresh lemon! The crust is a sweet and simple combination of pistachios, coconut, green sultanas and vanilla. The filling is a rich and luxurious merging of raw cashews, coconut oil, strawberries, rose petals and lemon zest, juice and essential oil. The entire cake is then topped with a generous drizzling of decadent white chocolate cacao butter ganache. You will be transformed with each heavenly bite!

There is something absolutely mouth-watering about the combination of flavor, spice, and textures found within traditional Indian food. However, most Indian-inspired recipes are pretty heavily cooked and often contain a lot of dairy! If you're a fan of both Indian food AND raw food you'll absolutely love this recipe by Joelle of jarOhoney! You can enjoy the delicious blend of flavors and spices synonymous with this style of cuisine all the while maintaining a raw, vegan path. Cashew cream cheese infused with curry spice, pink salt, currants and green onions is encrusted in raw "dry roasted" peanuts, layered with a spicy Bengali chutney, and served with fresh cucumber rounds, bell pepper strips or carrots. Delicious!

Raw corn and buckwheat tortillas paired with a raw mole sauce, spiced chipotle nuts, and of course a generous amount of guacamole and fresh salsa! Have a raw taco night with this mouth watering recipe from Marquis Matson of Real Raw Kitchen!

This gourmet pizza by Amy Lyons of Fragrant Vanilla Cake is piled high with freshly "roasted" asparagus, mushroom, and onion and features a delicious sun dried tomato macadamia ricotta and herbed zucchini and flax seed crust. There is no need to deprive yourself when that pizza craving hits; you can indulge without having to consume any dairy, wheat or cooked ingredients for that matter!

Marquis Matson took Ani Phyo's raw vegan crepes and further built on the recipe by adding a touch of cinnamon! Once the crepes are done dehydrating you can do a variety of different things with them to make a delicious breakfast or brunch. Try wrapping them around fresh seasonal fruit such as peaches, nectarines and berries combined with Marquis' amazing raw chocolate pudding (recipe also below!) Drizzle organic maple syrup or coconut nectar over the top for a divine treat perfect for a lazy Sunday morning.

This recipe will bring back childhood memories of those hot summer afternoons spent chasing after the ice cream truck. Flax seeds, banana, agave nectar, raw cacao, coconut crystals, cold pressed olive oil, cinnamon, jungle peanuts, and mesquite - these ingredients sure do beat what you'll find listed on the drumsticks at the supermarket. A wholesome and fun recipe to share with children or your own inner child!

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