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What's not to love about Japanese Maki Rolls?! They are so delicious, and have the perfect balance of "light yet filling". Create these raw vegan maki rolls with your partner, a friend, or even your children. We love the pop of contrasting color from all of the fresh vegetables. In this recipe Jenné Claiborne uses  bell pepper, purple cabbage, avocado, pickled ginger, red lentils and sprouted quinoa inside of her nori sheets. Sprouted quinoa is a great source of alkaline forming protein, is very easy to digest and assimilate, and still retains those life giving enzymes and phyto-nutrients that would otherwise be destroyed with cooking. Check out Jenné's other recipe how to for sprouting quinoa.

This recipe tastes like a refreshing lemon yogurt drink and makes the perfect light breakfast or even dessert on a warm summers evening. Young Thai coconut meat blends with a fresh burst of citrusy flavor from lemon juice and lemon flavored stevia. Also included in the recipe is fresh coconut water for hydration and electrolytes as well as ice to create the ultimate refreshment that is also nourishing for the body. This delicious drink is also very low glycemic!

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This recipe is simply classic and easy to prepare. For the noodles use spiralized zucchini or yellow summer squash, or a combination of the two for a variation of color. The sauce is a full flavored mix of tangy, sweet, and tasty! The cherry tomatoes combined with soaked sun dried tomatoes give the sauce a denser, more concentrated flavor and "cooked" texture. Using a bit of olive oil will add richness to your sauce, and including 1 fresh date will add the perfect amount of sweetness to balance the flavor. The zucchini noodles add a bit of crunch to the recipe which is a nice change from bland lifeless alternative of cooked gluten containing pasta. When it comes to spaghetti, raw is always better!

This is a rawsome recipe from Elenor Earthsprout for a cleansing and nourishing Pad Thai that is light enough to be eaten all summer long even when the hot weather hits. This recipe uses fresh spiralized daikon radish combined with packaged kelp noodles for variation of texture. Daikon is used extensively in Asian cuisine but often gets overlooked in the West. It is juicier and milder in flavor to its red radish counterpart yet still contains valuable nutrients such as the mineral sulphur. The noodles are covered in a light sauce that combines the traditional Thai flavors of coconut, cilantro, spring onion, garlic and lime. Delish any day of the week!

Sheleana from Young and Raw asks, "Do you suffer from inflammation, sore joins, menstrual cramps or even want to repair your muscles faster after yoga or a really good workout? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, boy do we have a cocktail for you!" This recipe utilizes fresh coconut water or a blend of green vegetable juices as a carrier for one of the most potent and renowned herbs to reduce inflammation: Tumeric! Because coconut water is so similar in composition to our own blood it makes it the perfect delivery system for this powerful healer. However, this recipe can also be made with green juice as the base. Try it and enjoy the many benefits of tumeric!

Creamy, sweet, frosty, fruity, and zingy are just a few words Hannah used to described her elegant and fun strawberry rose smoothie recipe. "My Strawberry Rose Smoothie was everything I wanted and imagined it to be. The small scoop of dried sour cherries nicely balanced the sweetness of the strawberries, and the rosewater and vanilla were subtle enough to create a taste that was not so much floral as queen-like and ethereal." Sunshine and Happiness in a glass!





When the weather starts to warm up nothing hits the spot for dinner like a fresh zucchini pasta with basil pine nut pesto. This recipe also has ground dehydrated pumpkin seeds on top for a parmesan cheese like effect. This recipe is full of flavor, phyto nutrients and brain and heart nourishing omega fatty acids. Pumpkin seeds are also an incredible source of zinc for healthy skin and a robust immune system!

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A note from Chef Gena Hemshaw about her bold and energizing superfood smoothie: "The following recipe is every bit as tasty as it is vibrant, and it’s packed with nutrition. It’s also not overly sweet, which makes it a good afternoon snack: I personally find that super sweet smoothies make me crash in the afternoon. This was exactly the right amount of sweetness, and it fueled me well for the long day and night of study ahead."

Now make this recipe, enjoy slowly, and proceed to go save the world!


This green juice is packed with chlorophyll and minerals like silica and calcium, and will nourish your body and spirit! The secret to making a palatable green juice is to balance out the strong flavor of the concentrated greens with mild flavored water rich ones like celery and cucumber. Also adding lemon and a touch of sweet fruit is always helpful. This recipe uses green apple which is lower sugar and adds a nice element of tartness. Consume this juice while absorbing warm rays of sunshine on your face and focusing on all that you are grateful for. Raise your glass, take a sip, and radiate your beauty to the world!



A low glycemic, super-food infused, healing and alkalinizing smoothie recipe perfect for all the green smoothie drinking green goddesses out there! Added to the green power of cucumber and romaine there is the addition of spirulina and barley greens powder, as well as a hit of herbal medicine from maca and the Chinese herb he shou wu. Top with goji berries or bee pollen. This recipe is perfect for those with blood sugar imbalances and the sweetness can be adjusted by adding more or less stevia.



This soup has been coined by chef Gena Hemshaw as "sinlessly indulgent" and was inspired by a trip to Bonobos in New York City. It is easy to make and is rich, sweet, and satisfying yet light enough to eat a whole bowl (or 2!) Coconut meat is a fantastic source of healthy fats, calcium and potassium and the coconut water will supply you with your daily dose of electrolytes. Use stevia to sweeten for a super low glycemic meal or use a combination of stevia and agave or dates if stevia alone is too strong for your tastes.

A light, ultra fresh low fat tabbouleh style salad with sun dried tomatoes, spring onion, cucumber, sultanas, fresh mint and a squeeze of lemon juice. In replace of traditional wheat based bulgur this recipe utilizes the nutritionally packed seed quinoa in it's sprouted form. Sprouting the quinoa will make the amino acids even more bioavailable and creates a robust nutty flavor and chewy texture. Quinoa is very easy to sprout and this recipe comes together very quickly. Serve it up Mediterranean style with some raw hummus, flax crackers, and black botija olives!

This juice is so electrolyte and mineral rich that once inside your belly you may very well start jumping with joy from all the energized electrons dancing through your body! This is a green blood building hydration power juice recipe complete with young coconut water, wheatgrass, spirulina, cucumber, celery and flavor balanced with a sweet touch of apple and tartness of lime. Cheers!

Sometimes flavors simply come together in a perfect harmony of delicious taste. So is the case with this easy granola recipe which encompasses the enticing flavors of cinnamon, maca, vanilla bean, almonds and blueberries! Sprouted buckwheat is often used as a base in granolas because of it's light crunchy texture and high protein content. Also, it is very affordable!





When made right, raw crackers can satisfy the need for crunch and nutrients, and leave you feeling light and happy instead of thirsty and hungry.  Loaded with protein, fiber, phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals raw carrot crackers are where it's at. The star of these crackers is really the buckwheat.  While we typically think of buckwheat as a grain, it is actually a fruit seed.  It's absolutely perfect for those avoiding gluten; and it can be used in porridge, baking, pancakes and raw snacks.



A true power meal recipe, this bowl combines a few nutritionally dense superstars: avocado, hemp, kale, and kelp! The two dressings included within this recipe work really well together or you can divide your bowl half and half with smoked avocado cumin on one side and balsamic tahini on the other. This recipe was inspired by a culinary creation from Blossoming Lotus Cafe in Portland, OR. You can lightly steam and blanch the cruciferous vegetables or keep them raw, it is up to you.

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Can a delicious meal actually aid in detox? With this recipe it can! Christian Bates shares with us, "Yes, you can detox and feast too! How do you want your burger uncooked: well done gourmet or rare nutrition? How about both! I’m talking about an organic raw plant-based burger recipe that not only satisfies the heartiest of stomachs but nourishes and detoxifies your body."

A unique twist on classic gauc. Enjoy the bold flavors and crunch from the spicy jicama.

This recipe may seem complicated, but really there are only 6 little steps to preparing these grape leaves. That's only 6 steps separating you from these amazingly delicious delicacies! Each and everyone of them make it all worth it in the end. So, what are you waiting for?

These garlic and chive mashed no-tatoes are simply amazing. They are easy to make and absolutely delicious. Every mouthful is creamy, rich and oh, so heavenly.  No need to wait until the holidays to have the perfect comfort food. These are great any time of year!

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