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Browse through simple to decadent vegan soup recipes that will enliven your body.

This oil-free, nut-free gazpacho by Kerry Ogden has a lot of kick thanks to delicious and smoky chipotle powder. It’s the perfect soup for the summer/fall intersection when juicy tomatoes give way to luscious corn.

This raw soup by Amy Lyons of Fragrant Vanilla Cake was definitely inspired by summer gardens everywhere now in full glory! If you've got an explosion of zucchini, tomatoes, basil, corn, and bell peppers in your garden (or have a great farmer's market close by!) this soup makes for a truly delicious way of putting everything to use. Super flavorful and since no heat was used FULL of vitality and life. Enjoy!

A simple and elegant mushroom medley scape soup by Joelle Amiot of jarOhoney. The minimal ingredients allow for the robust flavors of fresh varietal mushrooms to shine through. If you've just recently returned from the Farmers Market with a bundle of mushrooms this is the perfect recipe to try. Enjoy!

If you like your soups packed with plenty of flavor you will love this hearty smokey tomato and corn based chowder by Amie Sue of Nouveau Raw spiked with a sold dose of spice!

Tart and tangy lemon brings out the delicate flavor of baby spinach in this quick and super easy soup by Kerry Ogden. Clean and creamy, this bright soup is a perfect “go-to” for spring.

This bright soup by Kerry Ogden is bursting with healthy beta-carotene and can be gently warmed for a smoother consistency. Enjoy!

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Raw soups are such a joy to create because they involve such little prep, are so healthy, are easy on digestion and can taste absolutely amazing! This recipe by Emily Von Euw of This Rawsome Vegan Life will invigorate those taste buds with fresh tomatoes, red bell pepper, clove, onion, cumin and coriander and has a deliciously creamy texture from fresh avocado. Enjoy!

Soy-free adzuki bean miso paste combines with homemade "nofu", pure hot water, a dash of sea salt and yummy garnishes of nori seaweed, hemp seeds, cayenne and turmeric in this belly warming miso soup recipe by Matt Amsden of RAWvoltion. One sip and you will feel instantly soothed and nourished.

A deliciously savory and robustly flavored raw blended soup by Kibby Miller of Kibby's Blended Life , her take on a recipe originally found on Choosing Raw. Fresh and sun dried tomatoes blend with bell peppers, celery, fresh cilantro, a splash of citrus for that added tang, and spices of cumin, chili, paprika, and garlic. Oh, and don't forget that avocado, it's essential to create the soup's signature creamy texture. Diced veggies of your choice can be added at the end (tomato, avocado, corn kernels, more cilantro, etc.). Add broken flax crackers as a raw alternative to tortilla chips! A healthy, fresh, and low fat recipe. Enjoy!

A creamy and hearty blended soup by Amy Lyons of Fragrant Vanilla Cake made with pureed celeriac, apple, lemon and soaked almonds. Seasoned with garlic, fresh sage, and black pepper, this soup really hits the spot! The act of soaking your almonds will help them blend into a nice creamy consistency and also de-activate those pesky enzyme inhibitors for a more fully digestible meal. Serve it at room temperature with a side of greens or try warming it up gently on the stove top or in your food dehydrator. Garnish with a drizzle of hemp or flax oil on top!

If you love the spicy, peppery flavor and hearty texture of chili you will love this recipe by Marquis Matson of Real Raw Kitchen. Her recipe is completely raw, legume AND nut free, and even contains a few yummy surprises such as dried goldenberries. The blend of chipotle, smoked sea salt, cumin, onion, and garlic really gives it that classic chili flavor while fresh mushroom, bell pepper, and tomatoes add body. Warm it up for a bit in your dehydrator or a low temperature setting in your oven, and if you want an even more filling version add more avocado or some soaked and diced almonds. Enjoy!

Tis the season for SOUP! Delicious bowls of hearty, comforting, belly warming soup. And if you're a raw foodist don't think you're exempt from this nourishing experience. Raw soups can be adapted to hit the spot during any season - even the colder months! Try this recipe by Kibby of Kibby's Blended Life for a creamy and filling blended cauliflower and zucchini soup made complete with a side of cheesy crackers (recipe also included!). Bon Appetit and stay warm out there!

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Blended soups are one of the easiest, quickest, and most satisfying raw recipes to create! This one by Emily Von Euw of This Rawsome Vegan Life is made with a base of fresh tomato and sweet corn kernels blended into a creamy consistency with hemp seeds and walnuts. Perfectly seasoned with garlic, dill and a dash of salt and pepper. It will literally take mere minutes to make!

This is by far my easiest recipe and at the end of summer when the farmers market is in full gear these ingredients are overflowing in my fridge. Serve this cold soup with toast  and an avocado spread preferably on the porch and with a tall glass of lemonade!

Craving a hearty raw soup that will leave your tummy full and your body feeling nourished? This is a delightfully simple recipe by Marquis Matson of Real Raw Kitchen that will only take a few moments to whip up. Perfect for a drizzly grey day. Heat gently on the stove and add a few marinated mushrooms on top for extra warmth, texture and taste. Serve with a side salad and perhaps a sprinkling of spirulina for fun.

This is a lovely eye catching soup is great to serve for guests, and they'll never know they are eating a healthy raw soup.

This refreshing pineapple gazpacho is perfect for a spring awakening, full of bold sweet and spicy flavours.The most important thing here is to have a very sweet and ripe pineapple and your gazpacho will be delicious. Take care not to overdo on jalapeno.

Here is very delicious, simple and quick recipe of Raw red pepper soup. Bell peppers contain very high amounts of vitamin C and Vitamin A. One cup of raw, red bell peppers supplies roughly 290 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C and 105 percent of the RDA for vitamin A. Bell peppers also contain significant amounts of vitamin B 6 and dietary fiber. Thanks to Laura-Jane of The Rawtarian.

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Sometimes a quick, creamy bisque just hits the spot for dinner! This one by Christina Ross of Love-Fed is packed with the fresh flavors of bell pepper, lemon, and yes, strawberries! Truly raw cashews and a splash of extra virgin olive oil and coconut aminos add depth and richness while black pepper and nutritional yeast add even more delicious flavor. Creamy smooth texture and a vibrant, fresh, tangy flavor this bisque is completely satisfying!

Check out Christina's recipe demo on youtube as well!

A creamy dehydrated soup with Marinated mushrooms and other veggies.

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