Raw Food Tea Recipes

Take a glance at some of our super food tea recipes provided by many of the best raw food chefs in the field.

Both ginger and turmeric are rhizomes and have been lauded for thousands of years in Ayurveda for their medicinal and culinary properties. Turmeric and ginger, both highly rich in antioxidants work synergistically to strengthen the digestive agni and increase the metabolism. This is a strong and potent spring time tonic!

Ditch the coffee and instead celebrate the beginning of a new day with a Wake Up Kiss Latte by Matt Amsden of RAWvolution! A rich nut milk infused with coconut nectar, cacao, vanilla bean, ground cinnamon, and a dash of reishi mushroom powder mixes into a blend of Teecino herbal coffee and yerba mate. The result is a creamy and subtely sweet, low glycemic, non-addictive, non-acidifying, longevity-enhancing tea-based elixir which pleases the taste buds, comforts the soul, boosts the immune system, energizes the body, and invigorates the mind. Enjoy!

Don't rely solely on external sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays. Get plenty of antioxidants from superfoods such as goji berries and you'll be protecting your skin from the inside out! Healthy skin will never lie within a jar or tube. A radiant complexion begins with optimal nutrition! Consume this mega antioxidant loaded beverage by Sarah Britton of My New Roots throughout the summer months to protect your skin and get your glow on!

The texture of this hot chocolate is a bit thick due to the cacao nibs and the dates. For that reason, it reminds me a whole lot of the super-rich, upscale hot chocolates—the kind that are practically melted chocolate in a glass—that you’ll sometimes find at fine chocolatiers. Except this one is made with only almond milk, cacao nibs and powder, dates, and spice. A healthy spin on a decadent classic.

A zingy, refreshing pink grapefruit tonic with a hibiscus tea infusion, fresh lime, mint and a pinch of stevia!

Many people are turning to home brewing their own kombucha as this ancient fermented beverage grows in popularity. You may already know that kombucha is cultured using a "scoby" or "kombucha mother", which is a rather unappealing mushroom/jellyfish looking colony of probiotics and friendly yeasts. Not the most appetizing thing to look at, we can attest to that. However, the end result is a tasty, health promoting fizzy drink that can be flavored in a variety of ways and is so enjoyable to drink! Kombucha originated from China during the Tsin Dynasty where it was referred to as "Godly Tsche" and was used to, among other things, improve digestion and promote longevity*! Follow this recipe and instructions by Amanda Maquire of Picklesnhoney to create your own!

*Info from: http://www.write101.com/kombuchaorigins.htm

If you've tried kombucha and love it you've probably wondered how to make your own as a fun experiment or just to save money! Amanda Maquire has perfected the art of home brewing kombucha and shared this recipe on her amazing blog Picklesnhoney. The sky is your limit as far as flavoring your kombucha. The trick is getting your culturing process down to ensure the best flavor, optimum acidity levels, and an end result that is free of icky bacteria, we want only the good stuff in our kombucha! In this particular variation Amanda used blueberries to flavor her kombucha. Simply add in a few tbs of frozen blueberries right before you bottle it up. You can also try mango, pineapple, goji berry, strawberry, blackberry, or try juicing fresh ginger and adding this prior to bottling. Drink your homemade kombucha and experience the health benefits such as improved energy and digestion, more balanced pH, and free radical protection! This recipe was adapted from kombuchakamp.com. Please see Amanda's other recipe here on RawFoodRecipes.com "Growing a Kombucha Scoby".

This frothy, creamy, warming latte elixir recipe starts with a base of medicinal chaga tea and becomes a rich sensory experience with the addition of fresh sesame mylk, vanilla bean, raw cacao, cinnamon, nutmeg and mesquite pod meal. Chaga is a medicinal mushroom that is revered in Chinese medicine for it's ability to enhance the immune system and provide the body with powerful antioxidants. It is one of the most ultimate superfoods and works perfectly as a base for lattes like this one. Feel free to add your sweetener of choice if desired.

Combine burdock tea and shilajit powder with these other ingredients to take the place of your morning coffee. Powerfully anti-inflammatory, this tea elixir is made deliciously creamy with rich almond milk


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