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Enjoy some of the best zucchini recipes on the internet. From zucchini pasta made on a spiral slicer to lasagna.

An absolutely perfect raw alternative to a plate of traditional pasta marinara when those cravings hit and nothing but Italian will do. This ultra healthy recipe by Rachael Campbell utilizes one of our must have raw kitchen tools: a spiral slicer. To achieve that perfect delicate angel hair pasta effect Rachael uses a slicer such as this, but you can also make a thicker spaghetti-style noodle with something like this. For a warm dish simply place your finished pasta in the dehydrator or on a low setting in the oven for a bit, the noodles will soften and the flavors will become even more concentrated. Delicious!

Fresh zucchini noodles topped with a creamy cauliflower and cashew-based alfredo sauce spiked with a touch of miso, garlic, coconut nectar, nutritional yeast and spices of pepper, paprika and coriander. The cauliflower adds body to the sauce and cuts down on the amount of cashews needed to create that divinely creamy texture. Enjoy!

A delicious and nourishing macrobiotic inspired bowl by Marquis Matson of Real Raw Kitchen for those of us that prefer to keep it raw! Fresh veggies of kale, carrot, zucchini, sunflower sprouts, and green onion combine with cherry tomatoes, cultured sauerkraut, and a creamy tahini-miso dressing flavored with a punch of garlic and basil. Top with the optional avocado half and enjoy!

This creamy hemp cilantro dressing by Karielyn Tillman of The Healthy Family and Home makes the perfect topping for a green salad, can be served over zucchini or kelp noodles, or used as a delicious dipping sauce for veggies or crackers. It is fresh and vibrant and full of the nutrients your body craves! Vegan, raw, low-glycemic, paleo friendly and super flavor-rich. Enjoy!

This is THE meal to make if you're craving something tasty but don't have the energy or time for anything elaborate. This raw pasta dish by Summer Sanders of Radiantly Raw Lifestyles is so fresh, delicious, and satisfying and as a bonus has minimal cleanup involved! Triple win. The sauce is open to your own interpretation and can be made with added ingredients such as bell pepper, shallots, or basil. Top with a few extra pine nuts and dig in!

A vibrant, flavor packed, nutrient dense RAW rendition of a family favorite: layered lasagna! This version by Summer Sanders of Radiantly Raw Lifestyles comes complete with thinly sliced zucchini noodles, juicy heirloom tomatoes, tasty cashew/mac nut ricotta, and a lovely pistachio basil pesto. You will not miss the gluten or the dairy when you take a bite of this delicious masterpiece!

A deliciously creamy, oil-free, vegan Thai sauce made from avocado, tomato, jalapeno, onion, lime, ginger and cilantro dresses ribbons of fresh zucchini, shredded lettuce, crunchy veggies and cubes of juicy jicama. You will love this ultra fresh, flavorful, RAW Thai pasta dish by Priscilla Soler of Gastrawnomica! Serve it for dinner or lunch today, you will be happy that you did!

Tis the season for SOUP! Delicious bowls of hearty, comforting, belly warming soup. And if you're a raw foodist don't think you're exempt from this nourishing experience. Raw soups can be adapted to hit the spot during any season - even the colder months! Try this recipe by Kibby of Kibby's Blended Life for a creamy and filling blended cauliflower and zucchini soup made complete with a side of cheesy crackers (recipe also included!). Bon Appetit and stay warm out there!

This delicious recipe by Kristina Ldecká of Spiced Blueberry Shake turns out looking nearly identical to traditional sushi yet is vegan AND completely free of cooked rice! The uncooked "rice" is a yummy and simple combination of fresh parsnip, pine nuts, zucchini and a splash of lime. For the filling you may choose a variety of vegetables you have on hand, however this version calls for arugula, carrot, portobello mushroom and of course avocado. Dunk your sushi rolls in some shoyu with fresh ginger and a smear of raw wasabi paste!

An elegant and ultra fresh recipe by Christina Ross of that makes for a perfect veg-filled snack or appetizer. There are so many ways to enjoy raw vegetables beyond simply eating a salad and this recipe is a fine example of this! You will need a mandoline slicer in order to get your zucchini sliced thin enough to use as your "wrap". You can choose to enjoy with a simple dip of nama shoyu or whip up your favorite dipping sauce such as tahini miso.

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Tomato season is in full swing! Use some of the bounty with this amazing recipe for a hearty Summer Tomato Spaghetti by Amy Lyons of Fragrant Vanilla Cake! The meatless meatballs are full of texture and flavor and will fill your kitchen with the mouthwatering aroma of savory Italian herbs while "cooking" in the dehydrator. Free of all animal products, these "meatballs" are instead given substance with plenty of mushrooms, carrots, dried tomato, hempseed, walnut and flax! A meal all members of the family will enjoy.

Cheese-Its sound great - until you pick up a box and look at the ingredients... These deliciously crunchy and cheesy tasting raw crackers by Amie Sue of Nouveau Raw are the perfect healthy alternative to keep around the house for both kids and adults alike. They'll most definitely satisfy those cravings. Delicious on their own, paired with a salad, or dunked in a bowl of soup!

This gourmet pizza by Amy Lyons of Fragrant Vanilla Cake is piled high with freshly "roasted" asparagus, mushroom, and onion and features a delicious sun dried tomato macadamia ricotta and herbed zucchini and flax seed crust. There is no need to deprive yourself when that pizza craving hits; you can indulge without having to consume any dairy, wheat or cooked ingredients for that matter!

Savory raw gourmet at its finest! A very special meal created by Emily Von Euw of This Rawsome Vegan Life for an ultra flavor-rich marinated zucchini pasta dish topped with herb-filled tomato marinara sauce, olive oil infused dried cherry tomatoes and garlicy portobello mushroom meat(less) balls. An explosion of flavor with each delicious bite!

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Hemp is such a divinely nourishing food and is something we all can benefit from eating more of. The ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fats is perfectly balanced in hemp seeds - whereas many nuts and seeds are omega 6 and 9 dominant. Omega 3's in particular are vital for the flexibility of our cell membranes - specifically in our brains. A flexible cell wall means all of those delicious nutrients can move to areas of the cell where they are needed, and waste can be transported away.

This recipe by Cali England is an awesome way to incorporate hemp into your diet! The pesto is bursting with flavor and is very easy to whip up. The pasta noodles are a simple combination of kelp and julienned zucchini. Add the pesto to your noodles and let things marinate together for at least a few hours before you dig and an enjoy!

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A zesty, garlicy tomato sauce made with sun dried tomatoes, fresh herbs, and cold pressed olive oil atop a bed of spiralized zucchini. The addition of 1 date gives it the perfect hint of sweetness while the cashews add a slightly creamy element. Rich in water and nutrients and absolutely free of all gluten, this recipe will never leave you weighed down.

Filling and flavorful bite sized zucchini rolls with a soaked sunny seed pate! This recipe by Chris Anca of Tales of a Kitchen makes a great appetizer, addition to a simple summer meal, or a low glycemic and easy to digest veggie based snack with plenty of protein and healthy fat to leave you feeling nourished.

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When there's awesomesauce involved you know it's going to be good! Try out this all-raw veggie burrito with a delicious lemony zucchini and sesame seed based tahini sauce. Use collard or cabbage leaves for the burrito shell and load up the inside with cucumber, bell pepper, carrots, tomato, cilantro, avocado and sprouts!!

Soft zucchini bread, crispy eggplant bacon, fresh tomato, lettuce, jalapeno mac nut cheese and avocado combine to form a magnificent and totally addictive rendition of the BLT - only difference is it is 100% healthy for you!

I love a big bowl of hearty dahl. This salad combines many of the same ingredients (including the spices) used in a dahl but entirely raw and sprouted. It's a recipe that needs a few days in preparation because first, you need to sprout your sprouts.

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