Chia Boost: Rawlicious, Hydrating Yogi Drink

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The ultimate beverage for yogis and yoginis everywhere! This recipe by Akshata Sheelvant of Jeeva will hydrate, energize, provide cleansing fiber for the digestive system and omega fatty acids for lubricated joints and flexibility. Every yogi will tell you to avoid a heavy meal right before yoga class. This recipe offers a nice boost of energy and nutrition all the while being light in the tummy. The sweet, sour, and salty flavor combination and hydrating aspect is also thought to bring balance to the Ayurvedic dosha type Vata. Enjoy this healthful drink and have a wonderful yoga session!


. 2 tbsp soaked Chia Seeds

. Juice of 1 Lime/Lemon

. 1 tsp pure Maple Syrup

. 1/4 tsp Himalayan Salt

. 2 cups Water/Coconut Water


I strongly recommend to soak chia seeds in water for about 2-3 hours as it’s easily digestible and also the nutrients are completely absorbed by the body.

1) Blend all these ingredients in a high- powdered blender like Vitamix and ENJOY! (You can also make this drink without any blender – but chia seeds like to get stuck in your teeth so it’s not a pleasant experience for everyone!)

About Akshata Sheelvant

Namaste and Hello! My name is Akshata Sheelvant and my passion is to achieve living a “balanced lifestyle” by incorporating the ancient Eastern wisdom with the contemporary Western practicality. I was introduced to Ayurveda and Homeopathy at an early age of 19 when my dad was completely healed from Rheumatoid Arthritis. From then on, my faith in Ayurveda and natural living grew steadily, metamorphosing into living a salubrious lifestyle. Today, staying in the US, I enjoy creating multi-cuisine vegan and raw recipes influenced by Ayurvedic principles. My forte is crafting non-Indian dishes by perfectly blending them with seasonal and ‘dosha’ specific Ayurvedic herbs and spices. Before making my passion a full time lifestyle, I worked in the corporate world in the IT arena.

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