Goji Hemp Milkshake with Raspberries

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Goji Hemp Milkshake with Raspberries


A powerfully nutritious, creamy and delectable yet simple raw milkshake by Kristina Ladecka of Spiced Blueberry Shake made with several amazing superfoods: hemp seeds, goji berries, raspberries and fresh vanilla bean! You will get a mega dose of omega fatty acids, antioxidants, immune boosting polysaccharides and tissue repairing protein with every delicious sip! Garnish with extra hemp seeds and goji berries!

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1 cup shelled hemp seeds, soaked overnight
3 cups filtered water
1 tsp pure vanilla powder or 1/2 vanilla bean
1/2 cup dried goji berries, soaked overnight
1 cup raspberries
3 Tbsp raw agave nectar or other raw sweetener


1) Strain water from soaked hemp seeds and goji berries and place them in a high speed blender along with remaining ingredients.

2) Blend until you get smooth, creamy texture.

3) Pour in glasses, garnish with goji berries and sprinkle with hemp seeds.




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