Key Lime Pie

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Key Lime Pie


Hannah Mendenhall shares her secret recipe for raw food key lime pie. It is an avocado lime based filling on an oat flax crust.

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1 c oat groats (soaked and dehydrated)
1/2 c coconut oil
1/4 c golden flax seeds
1 T raw honey
1/2 t Celtic Sea salt

4 large avocados*
1 c fresh lime juice
1 c coconut oil
1 c raw honey*
1/4 c Irish moss gel


First grind oat groats, flax seeds, and salt into a flour. Process with remaining ingredients and press into a spring form pan (a spoon is helpful to get it evenly distributed). Refrigerate.

In a high speed blender thoroughly blend all filling ingredients. Pour into crust, refrigerate, and set 12-24 hours. It should be as firm as a cooked cheesecake, so be patient :)

*With all raw recipes there is room for adjustments. Working with fresh foods means they will always be different. Some avocados are like green butter at room temperature, and other times they are watery. My advise




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