Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

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Browsing through Laura-Dawn’s recipe collection at Sacred Source Nutrition is always a good idea! You will surely be drooling and inspired to make some of her healthy raw treats. This recipe will have you licking your fingers and scraping the sides of your food processor for every delicious morsel. Macadamia nuts, raw honey, fresh coconut meat and sundried flakes, cacao nibs and vanilla…can you go wrong?!



2 cups macadamia nuts

1 T coconut oil

2 T honey (can also substitute for raw organic coconut sugar or agave, but I don’t recommend agave)

Coconut meat from 1 coconut. (If it’s a young coconut and the flesh is softer, can use 2 coconuts)

1 cup coconut flakes (2 cups if you don’t have any fresh coconuts)

3/4 c of cacao nibs

1 t vanilla

Pinch of salt





1) If you have fresh coconut meat, then scoop it out and process it in the food processor. The coconut meat we used today was a bit older, firmer and thicker, and it worked great.  Process until smooth.

2) And in your sweetener, salt and vanilla and process again.

3) Add in 2 cups macadamia nut and process, but don’t over process this. Leave a tiny bit of texture, which will also make it a little easier to roll the balls.

4) Add in your cacao nibs and pulse a few times.

5) Roll into balls of desired size and place them in the fridge for an hour or so for them to firm up a little. Don’t forget to lick the raw chocolate chip cookie dough from your fingers when you’re done! If you are only making this with coconut flakes, then add in the mac nuts first, process a little bit and then add in the rest of your ingredients.



Laura DawnAbout Laura Dawn

Holistic Health Consultant Laura Dawn is a Registered Holistic Metta-Nutritionist (RHN), Raw Food Chef, Mindful Eating Mentor and Organic Gardener. She is a dynamic workshop presenter and speaker, inspiring people to drop their struggle with food and weight and reconnect to the Sacredness of food, their inner body wisdom and reach optimal health by transitioning to a Living Foods Lifestyle. Her passion is to inspire others to develop a healthy relationship to food, to their bodies and to Mother Earth.

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