Raw Vegan White Chocolate

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Raw Vegan White Chocolate


What do you get when you combine raw cacao butter, cashews, fresh vanilla beans and raw agave nectar? Well, you get a luscious batch of home made raw vegan white chocolate, that's what! This recipe takes but a few short steps and doesn't require any high powered equipment. Enjoy on it's own or throw into a batch of cookies




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1/2 cup melted raw cacao butter (place it in a bowl of hot water until it becomes liquid)

1/2 cup ground raw cashews

1 tsp vanilla bean (extract or powder)

1/4 cup raw agave syrup (if you keep it in the fridge give it some time on the counter to warm up so it won't cause the cacao butter to solidify too quickly).










1) Stir everything together in a bowl.

2) Pour into a 8x8 brownie pan. Place in your freezer for about an hour.

3) Cut/break into chunks. (See, easy!)







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