Southern Charm Cherry Cobbler

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Southern Charm Cherry Cobbler


Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, the queen of low fat raw vegan recipes, blows us away with a fabulously healthy rendition of cherry cobbler, just in time for cherry season! This recipe could definitely serve more than 1 but since it is so low in fat and high in nutrition you could really consume the whole thing yourself and not feel a tinge of guilt! This recipe is a 4 part layered masterpiece with fresh cherry and date puree, the meat of one young coconut, and optional almonds and cinnamon. Enjoy for dessert or as a yummy breakfast to begin a highly energized day!




2 Cups Dates

1 Large Bag Cherries

Meat of One Young Coconut

Quarter Cup of Almonds (Optional)

Cinnamon (Optional)






Layer 1: In a food processor, process your dates (pitted) and quarter cup of almonds. If you want it to be fat-free, simply leave out the almonds.

Press this cobbler into the parfait glass/pan.

Layer 2: Add on top the slices of pitted cherries and ripe figs.

Layer 3: Blend 1-2 Cups of your Cherry Slices (pitted) and blend with 1/4 cup of dates.

Pour this layer onto the mix.

Layer 4: Blend the meat of the young coconut with the cherry slices, dates, and cinnamon.

Pour on top of the mix.

Top with sliced cherries and figs!

Enjoy immensely!






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