Spicy Sweet Potato Chips

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Spicy Sweet Potato Chips


In the mood for a snack? How about a few handfuls of spicy, beta carotene, vitamin c and vitamin b6 rich sweet potato chips dehydrated to crispy, salty perfection!


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1 sweet potato

2-3T olive oil

cayenne pepper

italian seasoning blend (optional - I didn't make my batch with them, but I could see it being quite tasty)




1) Using a mandoline, thinly slice your potato. Leave the skin on for vitamins and fibre, and because it just tastes great. After the effort of slicing, take a little break - it's tiring work! Eat the leftover bits of the potato that the mandoline wouldn't slice to recharge. (If you don't have a mandoline, you could probably use a veggie peeler.)

2) Put the slices in a bowl.

3) Mix the olive oil with the seasonings in another bowl. Pour the oil mixture over the slices and massage well, making sure every chip is well coated.

4) Spread on the mesh screen of the dehydrator tray and let dry over night at 115F.

5) These chips are slightly chewy with a spicy bite. Enjoy with some raw ketchup or just by their own delicious selves.





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