Strawberry Goji Smoothie

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Strawberry Goji Smoothie


Boost that immune system with a blast of potent antioxidants in the form of this delicious smoothie by Dreena Burton. Throw into your blender a base of fresh nut milk, frozen bananas, fresh or frozen strawberries, goji berries, a few spoonfuls of whole flax seed and an optional dash of cinnamon and you'll be on your way to developing vitamin C and beta carotene activated super powers!

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1 1/2 cups plain or vanilla almond milk (I really like almond milk and/or hemp milk in this smoothie, but you can use another non-dairy milk if preferred)

1/2 cup water (or more non-dairy milk)

1 1/2 cups frozen sliced banana (fairly ripe/overripe is best)

1 cup frozen strawberries (or fresh)

1/4 cup goji berries

2 tbsp whole flax seed

1/4 tsp cinnamon (optional)





1) Add all ingredients to a high-powered blender and puree for a few minutes to ensure the goji berries and flax seeds are pulverized and well incorporated. Makes 2 medium-large smoothies.





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